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Harnessing SAP HANA Drives Innovation In Automotive Enterprise

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An automotive market leader in the US, the client is a pioneer in driving a new generation of innovation on the road by leveraging artificial intelligence and real-time computing. Its product line is extensive comprising heavy-duty trucks, MUVs, SUVs, and other automotive components. Talking of its wide global footprint, the client has established production plants in over 40 countries worldwide. Following quality-centric processes and prioritizing customer servicing, the client has successfully identified and won new business opportunities despite growing geopolitical differences in global markets.

  • Time Duration 05 Months
  • Team Effort 06 Persons
Business Needs
Touching peak performance and sustaining it in the long run were the key growth drivers for the client. But when it came to unlocking high-level enterprise growth, the client struggled since it relied on legacy ERP modules and applications. Bursting at the seams, the under-optimized business processes were costing the client time and resources. These glitches had to be ironed out so that better R&D cycles, responsive cost management, and superior production efficiencies could be accomplished.

  • Improving manufacturing lifecycle
  • Boosting enterprise profitability
  • Fine-tuning the performance segment
  • Accelerating delivery channels
Strategy & Solution
The client teamed up with our SAP experts for figuring realizing its business needs. We helped the client leverage SAP S/4HANA since it had the right mix of value and performance. Through this SAP implementation, we aimed at improving end-to-end enterprise visibility across its manufacturing lifecycle.

Once implemented, the solution increased business agility, refining performance, rebuilding receptive supply networks, and boosting profitability. The SAP deployment was planned to deliver a single source of truth for every process starting from preproduction and sales to supply chain and multiple delivery channels.

Front-end The SAP deployment's user interface was simpler to navigate than many traditional ERP models. The SAP GUI helped the client to gain visibility across different automotive business operations with just a few clicks. Some highlights of the front-end are as follows.

  • Improving the navigation across the SAP S/4HANA with a highly intuitive UI
  • Making sure that the latency of going through the UI is as low as it gets
  • Adding new users and defining their responsibilities were simpler and faster

Backend We deliver custom SAP solutions by unlocking the most agile SAP FP&A software module for making financial planning more collaborative. We even used dedicated HRMS and WMS modules for ironing out the glitches faced by the client in its existing ERP module. Below are some highlights that define the backend work we did during the engagement.

  • Used SAP ERP Logistics Materials Management to streamline processes from procurement to payment
  • Planned inventories and optimized business processes from scratch
  • Integrated key customers within supply chain planning with Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Implemented SAP Marketing Cloud to reinvent enterprise-grade CRM

Solution Process For developing a robust SAP HANA ERP solution, we and the automotive enterprise managed a collaborative environment from the get-go. Our development process was aimed at bringing a solution that will realign business processes with customer service goals. Through the robust development process, we even ensured that enterprise-class innovation could be kick-started. Here is a step-by-step approach to defining the development process that we followed throughout the engagement.

  • Defining the scope of work for every team member
  • Planning before that how stakeholders will do a performance review
  • Creating specific sprints across the engagement
  • Testing the ERP ecosystem against different quality parameters
  • Having room to accommodate any last-minute development changes

Client's Feedback

Flexsin is highly recommended because the team has expertise-backed SAP experience in delivering eve..

Business Outcomes
For improving production in terms of quantity and quality, the client leveraged our SAP expertise to deploy robust SAP S/4HANA. The engagement helped the client implement proven frameworks to improve enterprise compliance with best practices. Some of the highlights of the engagement are as follows.

  • Bringing down manufacturing defects by 30%
  • Saving nearly 2,500 man-hours annually
  • Touching up to 80% improvement in material requirement planning
  • Achieving greater visibility in analyzing production timelines and demand and supply
  • Fine-tuning end-to-end business processes starting from procurement to after-sales services
  • Boosting operational efficiency by reducing overhead costs
  • Standardizing every business sub-process to optimize inventory pipelines
  • Improving supply chain visibility to enhance operational control
  • Deploying warehousing management modules to reduce labor costs
  • Proactively and accurately estimating raw material wait-times
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