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Shopping of Cosmetics Products & Book Appointment with Salon

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Hairstories is one of the top e-commerce portals of today. On this portal, the customers purchase cosmetics from the website and book appointments with different hairstylists. Apart from offering these functionalities, the client's portal enabled the customers to purchase the products from the website using a shopping cart. The client's team is always dedicated to creating an inspiring success story in the world of fashion e-commerce.
  • Time Duration 03 Months
  • Team Effort 04 Persons
Business Needs
The client was looking for a trusted partner for creating an e-commerce portal that could seamlessly buy and sell a variety of cosmetics products as easily and quickly as possible. Besides, the client wanted our team of developers and designers to implement a dedicated Booker API that will enable the portal's visitors to book an online appointment with the salon. In short, the client engaged with our team to do the following tasks.

  • Developing an end-to-end e-commerce portal
  • Managing and optimizing e-commerce content
  • Integrating a dedicated API for booking appointments
  • Streamlining the deployment of the API
  • Optimizing the load time of the web asset
Strategy & Solution
The client brought our team of Magento CMS on board. Since the project was in mid-development, this team was responsible for customizing the existing e-commerce outlet in full. Our team included a range of senior executives for this project. In the middle of the existing engagement, we secured a newer opportunity from the client. For this purpose, we implemented different front-end and backend technologies.

Front-end The front-end technologies were JavaScript and AJAX. Our team used these technologies in the best possible way of making sure that the client's customers would get an optimal buying experience on the portal every time.

  • Created an intuitive UI
  • Improved e-shopping experience
  • Transformed the portal's efficiency
  • Streamlined booking an appointment

Backend Our team used a Magneto CMS for building a powerful, flexible e-commerce portal. The portal, along with the booking API, was designed in a way that the existing functionalities were not hampered by the newly developed processes.

  • Developed a booker API
  • Integrated with internal systems
  • Optimized the buying journey
  • Accelerated searching capabilities

Development Process For developing this platform, our team followed a time-honored development process. This process was tweaked as per the project's requirements. Following were the steps that we followed for developing this portal and the booking API.

  • Requirement gathering
  • Design, deployment, and production
  • Quality check
  • Maintenance and support

By following these steps, our team made sure that the project was developed within time and budget allotted by the client. Our team always gave importance to covering every single project milestone, no matter how small it was.

Client's Feedback

It was a terrific piece of art work done by Flexsin and Beyond my expectation. Thank you Flexsin!..
Chase Ognibene
Owner - Hairstories, USA
Business Outcomes
Since we completed the projected within the allotted time frame and exceeded the client's expectation, we got a new opportunity of developing an API in the middle of the project. Our team made sure that no client feedback was ignored.

This dedication toward the projected enabled us in forming a lasting relationship with the client even after the engagement came to a close. Below, we have mentioned some of the benefits that the client reaped with this engagement.

  • Customers can book appointments online for any salon services
  • The e-commerce portal became highly streamlined
  • Product search and check-out processes were revamped
  • The data related to customers was better managed now
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