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Engineering the ultimate digital shopping e-commerce solution for the corporate world

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The client manages Rozie, which is a professional shopping platform that reflects the standard Facebook-compliant group sale format used by most sales consultants. The shopping ecosystem that the client manages includes three components: a shopping app, a consultant's tool, and a cloud-based data analytics framework. The entire shopping ecosystem is developed and maintained to provide a care-free, convenient, fast shopping experience to consultants and their followers.
  • Time Duration 08 Months
  • Team Effort 05 Persons
Business Needs
The client wanted to develop an interactive shopping system for consultants and their followers, which are also referred to as buyers. The shopping system was meant to be data-driven as it required storing key details for consultants and buyers. Here are a few of the needs that the client had laid out at the start of the engagement.

  • Company wanted an online portal that not only offers a huge amount of information and sources of inspiration for followers, but also provides specific features for the consultants and followers, making the shopping platform one of its most important tools for personalized customer advice.
  • Comprehensive set of capabilities that includes marketing, promotions, personalization and member service. Ability to manage, via business rules, a unique experience based on followers browsing behavior.
  • Visualize the health of digital business in one place with dashboards.
  • Optimizing the website speed as the existing database started showing signs of aging
  • Ensuring that the online shopping system operates seamlessly under heavy traffic
  • Personnel: The automation of checkout, billing, payments, inventory management, and other operational processes lowers the number of employees required to run an e-commerce setup.

Strategy & Solution
It was becoming clear was looking for a platform that allows them the ultimate flexibility - the flexibility and freedom to choose the right approach for situation like: getting to followers faster, expanding to incorporate third party solutions or building the perfect, differentiating experience from scratch and all done on with modern development approach that facilitates time-to-market, scalability, simple upgrades/updates and optimized customizability

To help get started with implementing the project, the client teamed up with our team of mobile app developers and web developers. The shopping ecosystem would include two parts, i.e., one mobile app and one web portal. The mobile application was made available for consultants and buyers. On the other hand, the web portal was only made available for only the admin and consultants. The whole ecosystem was designed to help sellers upload their merchandise, assign attributes, schedule sales, and process claims. The claimed items were later shopped and payments were made offline. Eventually, the consultant was updated on the status of the claims.


As the digital shopping ecosystem included a web portal and an app, the client wanted us to build an interactive and easy-to-use front-end. Making user-friendliness and intuitiveness the foundation of the online shopping system, we made the front-end as responsive as possible. Here are some key highlights of the front-end that we designed.

  • Flexsin simplified how users browsed and claimed products/merchandise during the sale events. The UX of a website was made smooth and attractive enough to make a prospect stay on the website and convert it into a member for good.
  • Platform empowered buyers to browse sales in progress and claim them online. Flexsin made sure the search bar is omnipresent throughout the website, supported all kinds of queries, had an auto-complete functionality and supported sorting and filtering of results.
  • Enabled consultants to upload images using drag-and-drop features
  • Helped buyers chat with clients to clarify their queries. Flexsin used persuasive designs and psychological ways to make sure that prospects were becoming part of the community.
  • Flexsin allowed buyers to follow consultants via an interactive mobile app. Flexsin followed standard brand guidelines for the entire website and across different channels such as a mobile app. Flexsin ensured the brand experience was consistent throughout the website and suitable for the product type that the platform is offering. Flexsin ensured visual hierarchy by keeping the most critical content displayed above the fold.

As the shopping system had to be data-centric, it was connected with a robust database to seamlessly store data points. The database was to be used by both the web portal and the mobile app. However, both the users of the portal and the app were required to communicate with the database slightly differently. Here are a few key highlights of the shopping system's backend.

  • Connected the web portal and mobile app with a robust database
  • Created indexes and RDBMS in database structure to make the site optimized. Flexsin developed a very sophisticated architecture that stores lots of members and consultant data (including member's data, history, users, and campaigns) in many database tables.
  • Allowed only web-portal users to store and add data as well as modify it. The new responsive storefronts were built with extensibility in mind. Each logical area of the "pages" were built in a way that can be independently replaced with a third party or custom solution. From the product grid to the login box to all of the product page widgets, it was all developed in a way that allow client to easily swap in and out di¬fferent components to help business better.
  • Flexsin developed fast and flexible framework with the heavy usage of API's to make sure that experience across devices is not different.

Development Process
The project was realised using agile management methods, to ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency at the same time as optimum quality. Daily stand-ups and ongoing exchange between the team and customer allowed the project to be implemented efficiently. Flexsin development team worked closely with design, engineering, and analytics throughout the entire lifecycle to adjust design/requirements continuously based on small deployments and short feedback loops via continuous integration and continuous deployment. Flexsin development team worked closely with client product managers to design and execute a constant stream of experiments that were tested with actual consultants to validate key assumptions with real user data. Development team quickly follow-up experiments with many iterations of key features, resulting in maximizing key metrics over time.

We had deep expertise in mobile app and web development that helped us deliver the final product without hampering the project's deadline. We have listed below a couple of highlights that defined our development process throughout the engagement.

  • Finalized the scope of the project along with the client's team
  • Made sure the app and web portal had a seamless look and feel
  • Managed different project requirements in real time
  • Thoroughly checked the app with the help of QA experts
  • Planned maintenance schedules to make sure the shopping system worked as intended

Client's Feedback

Flexsin's deep expertise has digitally transformed how online professional shopping between the sale..

Business Outcomes
Once the engagement drew to a close, the client had a user-friendly app and an intuitive web portal for its users. Convenience was kept at the heart of the website and the app developed by us for the client. Both the digital assets, the website and the app, were designed to provide an engaging and interactive experience. Here are some key benefits that the client reaped once the digital shopping ecosystem went live.

  • Boosted audience engagement by 45 percent once an interactive UI was developed. Client team can create content more quickly and easily and can plan and implement campaigns itself. Platform has also made it easier for consultants in the showrooms to advise customers. Most importantly, this new development has made client portal fit for the future. Client plans to use virtual reality functions to simulate the effect of various products offered in the portal. All these measures have led to strong significant improvements in usability
  • New platform was considerably more powerful and delivered strong foundational support for APIs. This made it possible to plan journey to digital transformation at a detailed level and easily integrate the platform with several tools and products, including existing webinar tool, which client uses to deliver weekly webinars to consultants and followers across the portal members set.
  • Minimized the time taken by the consultants to share relevant search information with buyers by 7 hours per week. Content management system is very easy to operate and manage, making it considerably easier for client to enter new content both in the actual shopping area and in the content area. The new deployment processes also make the operation and management of the platform significantly more efficient. Client can now add new developments to the shop itself and make them go live with just a few clicks.
  • Streamlined how followers and consultants interacted with each other through a chat feature.
  • The new platform helped to increase the level of automation at huge level. Due to this high level of automation, client was able to reduce processing costs and offer very attractive prices for their broad product range. The platform is flexible and robust, and it comes with a real sense of community. Platform allows its consultants and followers to share their best practices, saving time for everyone. There are features of private messaging, and as end user, end user can suggest new features.

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