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Created An Online Application Ecosystem That Automated The Calculation Of Employee Benefits

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Client Overview
CREELGROUP is absolutely simplifying back office like never before. This web-based application will revolutionize the way employee benefit statements are managed. This website is designed to rethink the way other HR data streams are controlled and managed as well. The website uses the highest level of innovation for making sure that employee benefit statements and other related data become simple and fast to manage from anywhere and at any time.
Business Needs
The client approached our team of application developers because it wanted us to create an app ecosystem for generating Employee Benefit Statements online. The employers visiting this website are needed to subscribe for generating Benefit Statements for employees. The system was designed to allow the employers in selecting a range of options like graphics and statement style that they want to be included in their statement.

  • Create reports for Employee Benefits Statements
  • Automate the calculation of Employee Benefits
  • Manage promotion programs
  • Develop an information management tool
Strategy & Solution
The client needed an intuitive, user-friendly application so that the visitors could access the asset's multiple functionalities easily and quickly. Our in-house application developers and project managers worked to provide the client an app that is known for having a user-friendly interface and a great navigational structure. With a responsive UI and easy-to-understand navigational structure, EmpBenefits was improved.

Front-end Our team engineered the module using the latest frameworks for making sure that the application interacts with the user as easily and quickly as possible. Below are some highlights of our front-end development for the client.

  • Better module organization
  • Responsive user interface
  • Quicker loading time
  • Faster searching capabilities
  • Easy to navigate

Backend High-tech frameworks were leveraged for letting administrators roll out and manage EmpBenefits programs for the client. The technologies and frameworks, which we used, enabled us to manage bulk data processing with great ease.

  • Accelerating data processing
  • Automating report generation
  • Integrating with robust SQL Servers
  • Managing questionnaires in bulk

Development Process We were responsible for putting this application from paper to the real world by following a full-cycle module development. As we were engaged with the client for a long time, it was aware of different corporation models that we offered.

  • Gathering project requirements
  • Building an application based on these requirements
  • Quality testing the final application code
  • Deploying the project at client's end
  • Providing maintenance and support

Because of these steps, we were able to deliver the project right on time as per the defined time frame and budget.
Business Outcomes
Once the web-empowered app went live, the client was able to automate and manage an entire business operation of managing employee questionnaires. The data management improved considerably with our agile approach.

Even though these questionnaires belonged to employees from different departments, we made sure that the client handled them with unmatched efficiency. Once the application went live, it provided the following benefits:

  • Freezing employee benefits
  • Automating key business operations
  • Creating improved layouts
  • Developing indexes and RDBMS database structures
  • Building a fully optimized web solution
Client's Speak
Highly Recommended. I have started with one project with Flexsin and after looking the performance and their delivery standards, we'll soon work together on other projects as well.
Joseph Creel
CEO, The Creelgroup, Inc., Greater Omaha Area, USA
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