SharePoint-Based Employee Recruitment And Onboarding Management System Improved The Hiring Success Rate For A Pipe System Manufacturer In The UAE

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Client Overview
The largest fiberglass pipe system manufacturer worldwide needed to revamp its legacy recruitment system and onboarding portal. A pioneer in offering fiberglass pipe solutions, the client has offered robust piping systems for more than three decades. Being a technology partner, we understood the client's needs and finalized SharePoint to rebuild its recruitment system and onboarding management portal. Digitizing the enterprise applications helped the client streamline the recruitment UX, improve the hiring success rate, and accelerate the onboarding processes.
Business Needs
An MNC catering to the ever-growing needs of sophisticated piping solutions across the world, the client faced a severe bottleneck when it came to collaborating with top-class resources. The key reason for that bottleneck existed in its legacy recruitment system. The client worked with a recruitment process that was quickly gaining obsolescence and that lacked any strategic approach. To digitally revamp the recruitment process, the client engaged with our team of developers for:

  • Standardizing the process of raising a recruitment application
  • Creating custom workflows for managing multi-level approvals for hiring the resource
  • Accelerating the hiring process with a streamlined legacy recruitment process
  • Improving the accuracy of attracting the right talent while minimizing the downtime
Strategy & Solution
As part of the solution, our team built an intuitive employee recruitment process from scratch leveraging new-age digital technologies. For enabling any department to raise resource-hiring requests, our team designed an easy-to-fill recruitment application that could be filled by any department.

Digitizing the application to raising the request for a new resource to expediting the process of employee appointments, our team revolutionized the recruitment system from start to finish. This new system was engineered in a way that it notified as and when a stage of approval was successfully finished.

Front-end: Since a large share of the engagement relied on front-end initiatives, our team did the due diligence to implement intuitive interfaces. The team along with the client rolled out a fully developed and highly responsive interface on SharePoint Online. The interface was designed to accommodate everything from filling an application form to accelerating employee appointments. While designing the front-end system, our team made sure to:

  • Build an intuitive yet expansive form for raising the request for new resources
  • Incorporate cascading dropdown menus for dynamically populating data in the application
  • Receive notifications as and when the application gets the approval
  • Include a dedicated status indicator for reviewing the application's approval status

Backend: To build a robust backend system for the project, our team leveraged cutting-edge backend technologies. As part of the engagement, we developed a secure and easy-to-deploy backend system that:

  • Facilitated the management of frequent notifications in real time
  • Handled the approval process of the applications based on the resource's grade
  • Consolidated and unified the history of resource appointments done so far

Development Process: By following an agile approach to development, our team was able to accelerate the project's delivery while meeting all the pre-established milestones. From the beginning, our team was focused on working toward achieving the client's desired business outcomes. Since it adhered to an agile development mythology, our team:

  • Quickly delivered the project deliverables while upholding quality standards
  • Stayed committed to the most demanding milestones
  • Seamlessly incorporated any final changes in the project
  • Tested the digital product in every aspect to ensure its flawless performance
Business Outcomes
On successful completion of the association, the client incorporated key digital capabilities across its recruitment cycle. Starting from raising a resource request to making the final appointment, the new digital ecosystem has put automation, reliability, and efficiency in every recruitment endeavor. The client gained a range of benefits from the engagement; some of the highlights included:

  • Streamlining the recruitment experience that eventually boosted the hiring success rate by 45%
  • Reducing the time consumed in following a recruitment cycle by 30 man-hours
  • Improving the accuracy of hiring the right resource by 60%
  • Transforming the recruitment process to become more engaging and satisfying
Client's Speak
Before the project went live, we had the vision to make our recruitment processes work as swiftly as we do. And we are happy that the essence of that vision remained intact throughout the project lifecycle. Whether it was about creating a project roadmap or providing post-execution support, Flexsin's development team has been with us across the lifespan of the project. We give the thumbs up to Flexsin for showing experience-backed expertise at every level of project execution.
Manoj Lobo
Future Pipe Industries, UAE
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