An Employee Management System On SharePoint Online/Office 365 To Drive Workforce Collaboration For An Electrical Manufacturer

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Client Overview
An electrical manufacturing business needed an enterprise-grade portal that could drive collaboration among its workforce. Located in South Asia, the client offers a wide array of lighting fixtures. As its technology partner, we helped the client build its enterprise-grade collaboration web application. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner meant we could connect the client's requirements with a Microsoft solution. We chose SharePoint and Office365 - now called Microsoft 365 - to create the portal. With its deployment, the portal helped the client's workforce perform multiple tasks. Some of them included maintaining a document management repository, performing a global document and content search, scheduling meetings, creating tasks, fostering a culture of learning, and doing social integrations.
Business Needs
The client wanted an application that could simplify the process of record maintenance of employees and enhance internal collaboration among them. Specific information about the employees needed to be kept from public viewing except the authorized persons.

The client wanted the application to be single source of employee management information to improve collaboration and productivity. They wanted below features to be available in the application to make it a versatile platform for internal collaboration and seamless communication in an organization.

  • Employee database management
  • Work report
  • Improved employee collaboration
  • Internal messaging
  • Departments and designations
  • Strategic planning
Strategy & Solution
Quick and seamless information and enhanced communication among the employees of an organization is important to achieve higher productivity and enhance efficiency. The system was designed to gain maximum output from the employees and make them high performing resources.

For this, the application needed to have time tracking capability to keep track on the progress of specific projects and performance of individual employees. So, we worked on its front-end and backend for best outcomes for the client.

Front-end The application was provided a user friendly interface that could allow the management of an organization to keep complete track of various HR and other employee management functions like workflow, time and attendance, salaries, confidential information. The front-end consisted of the below:

  • Information on projects/clients
  • Internal messaging
  • Delegating work and approvals
  • Modules to suit projects and tasks

Backend We made full use of backend technologies to ensure that the application performs in a flawless manner and delivers the needed information at the right time. Our developers utilized their programming skills and fixed errors during testing phase so that there were no issues while using the application. We focused on the below backend tasks:

  • Administrative permission
  • Automation of HR functions
  • System backup facility
  • Database integration for informative output

Development Process The application was developed using latest innovations in employee management systems. We had to incorporate the required functionalities in the application so that it could deliver the output expected from it by the client. To achiever all this, we worked on the below aspect of the application during project development phase:

  • CMS collaboration
  • Reliable accuracy
  • Modules for various tasks
  • Workflow and information management

The application was developed to seamlessly sync data both within and between multiple integrated systems. All changes were made to be captured to eliminate manual costs.
Business Outcomes
A major challenge for an organization is to manage document of each department. Most of the time electronic documents have many risk factors in day to day handling. Another challenge was that sharing information with various departments had security concerns.

SharePoint solution is the way to manage every organization needs like sharing a document, versioning, document and information collaboration, task, and handling external services. The solution was designed to handle various organizational needs. It can ensure collaboration among hundreds of employees from multi geographical locations. We finally delivered below for the client:

  • Improved employee collaboration and management across departments and teams
  • Optimized workload and streamlined administrative tasks for improved productivity
  • All-in-one solution for employee management and improving employee engagement
  • Allowing organizations to set up process flow analysis and tracking system
  • Tracking time spent on particular project and costs calculated more accurately
  • Clear cut illustration of reporting structure and hierarchy of the organization
Client's Speak
Very Competitive Team and Target Oriented!
Vibhor Jain
Owner - Glowmac Lighting Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon, India
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