A SaaS-Based Employee Enrollment And Benefits Management System Empowered Enterprises To Automate Processes And Improve Workforce Engagement

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Client Overview
A US-based enrollment software provider needed a digital product to help businesses automate benefit management programs. With an annual revenue of USD $4.89 million, the client is committed to improving the way companies manage their employee benefit programs. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we built a subscription-based all-in-one enrollment platform, automating employee benefits calculation and streamlining ACA compliance.
Business Needs
Since digital is taking the center stage, the client planned to digitally revamp the platform for streamlining its employee benefits management program. For putting the project from paper to the real world, the client proposed to leverage new-age digital technologies. Because of that, the client made us their digital partner in designing and deploying a cutting-edge platform that would:

  • Reflect the changes in governance policies in the programs in real time
  • Streamline auditing the benefits programs
  • Automate time-consuming manual processes including updating policies and procedures
  • Improve the accuracy of enrollment reconciliation
Strategy & Solution
The client brought our digital team on board to develop a full-scale automation platform for the web and envisioned the future of employee benefit programs. The solution was engineered to capture and calculate different types of benefits that employees may receive from employers.

Front-end: The automation approach of our digital team helped in digitizing benefits plan selection and policy generation. Along with this, the interface was built using the core principles of C#, Angular, and ASP.NET (MVC 5). As part of designing an intuitive front end, we:

  • Developed a holistic interface for enabling customers, including vendors, to seamlessly enroll the benefits set by their respective companies.
  • Deployed an easy-to-fill online application that initiated the enrollment process further
  • Harnessed sophisticated automation workflows for managing multiple choices offered by different insurance providers

Backend: For keeping the automation spectrum intact at the backend, our team developed and deployed the latest tools and technologies. We leveraged SQL Server alongside other digital processes for streamlining the management of employee benefits. Some of the highlights of our backend engagement were as follows:

  • Improved the scalability and administration of different platform processes through automation
  • Ensured faster access by excluding CDN link on the web server
  • Incorporated full-scale automation for optimizing administration and boosting employee engagement

Development Process: From determining the project's automation scope to ensuring the reliability and quality of the deliverables, we used an agile methodology. Owning to this methodology, we worked closely with the client's personnel for accelerating project delivery and meet all the set milestones as intended. Some highlights of our development process are as follows:

  • Standardized the project based on the scope of automation
  • Double-checked the quality of project deliverables at every step
  • Included new project features coming from the client's team
  • Ensured that zero-tolerance for errors is maintained during the course of the project
Business Outcomes
Working with us, the client rolled out its fully automated digital web application. Once the application went live, the client carried out the survey gauging the customer satisfaction level; according to the survey, the client experienced a big spike in the customer satisfaction level. The automated dashboard launched in the form of a digitally enabled web platform has even enhanced the client's capacity to do accurate reconciliation of enrollments while enhancing employee benefits. After the web application was deployed, the client is:

  • Simplifying its claims settlement processes from start to finish
  • Saving its workforce's manual processing time by 57%
  • Reducing the employees's; administrative burden by 43%
  • Accurately capturing and calculating all types of employee benefits received from an employer
  • Automating its processes responsible for updating the employee benefits as and when there is a modification in the plans of insurance providers
  • Achieving additional savings owning to end-to-end digitization initiative
Client's Speak
We wanted to make the management of employee benefits programs as frictionless as possible. For that, we chose Flexsin as our strategic partner for bringing top-level automation in its employee benefit programs more securely and confidently. We are satisfied with the quality of deliverables and the professional ethic that Flexsin's team upheld throughout the project lifecycle. Highly recommended!
Michael Johnson
CO-Founder, Enroll My Group, Inc., Connecticut, USA
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