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Employee Checklist System - SharePoint Online / Office 365

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This employee checklist application allows checking the progress on various tasks assigned to the employees with the facility of time tracking. The application allows the employees to fill various forms and reports from anywhere and any device, be it mobile, laptop or desktop. The filled in forms and reports automatically land on senior management's dashboard. The application had to deliver best user experience in terms of ease of use, and allow the management to stay organized and in control of the productivity and performance of their workforce.
  • Time Duration 05 Months
  • Team Effort 05 Persons
Business Needs
Client approached Flexsin with their need to have an efficient employee checklist system in place wherefrom they could assign various tasks to employees and have access to a checklist about the status of task's progress, finished and unfinished tasks. They wanted to keep the things organized within their organization with capability to have daily list of to do tasks to keep everything on track. The application needed to have some good templates to make it easier for the client to assign tasks and keep track of the progress in a hassle free manner. Client wanted below features in the app:

  • Simplify team task
  • Checklist for finished and unfinished tasks
  • Organize task lists
  • Monitor every task in real time
  • Time tracking
  • Projects, tasks, events
Strategy & Solution
We worked on this SharePoint project that could allow the client to keep record of every activity of each task remotely and in an efficient manner. With the help this solution, one need not maintain manual checklists for the organization of workflow.

Our developers had the client's needs and input in focus and worked on their solution in a phased manner. We ensured that the solution had all the required features and provided seamless experience to the users. So, we ensured the front-end and backend were designed with business goal of the client in focus.

Front-end The application required easy to grasp graphical representation of the checklist so that various tasks could be easily managed. Daily, weekly and monthly task lists needed to be presented in a way that provided and overview of the entire workflow and made it easier to gather insights. We specifically worked on below aspect of the employee checklist system:

  • Task manager alerts
  • Task assignment on-the-go
  • Task reports
  • Real time tracking

Backend Each field had its own logic and working running on a requisite event. We worked on backend functionalities that met the client's requirement to full extent. Our developers utilized latest developments in backend technologies to make the application a real utility for our client who wanted to enhance the performance of their workforce. Our backend solutions included:

  • Technology stack
  • Customized programming
  • Testing and bug fixing
  • Integration and deployment

Development Process The whole process and activities had to run automatically. As this was a SharePoint project, the main functionality of this project was to have a checklist in one InfoPath forms. Every field had specific functionality and logic. Behind InfoPath form, a workflow ran according to form logic and functionality. Key features of our development process included:

  • Selective sharing permission
  • Standard operating procedure
  • Access to task list on multiple devices
  • Project management and reporting

We worked to design and develop web-based data collection forms using InfoPath with associated workflow to assign a task(s) as well as the associated action (approve/reject).

Client's Feedback

Great Job by your team on the changes to the various checklist! Well Done!..
Jason Codianne
President - Praevis Technology LLC, Texas, USA
Business Outcomes
The major challenge was at the time of checking each and everything subtask and versioning. Task handling is not preferable in a large organization. To resolve this issue, we analyzed the problem and created a project in SharePoint 2013. Time and schedule is critical for business operations, so our primary objective was to develop/build forms, workflow, and tasks.

The application had to complete single process/steps that have multiple tasks. It had to organize daily, weekly and monthly check list in a seamless manner. A dedicated team was set up to provide a feasible solution to resolve this major issue. With the help this solution, there was no need to remember and manage previous records and current information access was easy. We came up with below features for our client's application:

  • Task list adjustments based on employee productivity reports
  • Stay organized and in control of work assignment, workflow and completion
  • Quickly capture task specific information on demand, on the go
  • Task visualization, information capturing and time tracking
  • Send mail, update other list items and manage large number of records and checklist.
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