SCM System Enhancements and Upgrade for Maryland based Railroads Equipment Supplier

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Home > Portfolio > SCM System Enhancements and Upgrade for Maryland based Railroads Equipment Supplier is a full-service company specializing in furnishing parts and equipment for North American Manufactured locomotives and diesel engines. The client helps assist railroad operators, re-builders and purchasing managers in obtaining material and equipment at competitive prices and in the fastest time possible.

  • Time Duration 07 Months
  • Team Effort 04 Persons
Business Needs
The client wanted to transform its legacy web portal by redesigning, redeveloping and deploying a brand-new scalable system, which was earlier built using classic ASP. The client wanted an enterprise portal that could help boost business efficiency and bring in more sales. The key requirements of the client from its newly developed enterprise web portal include:

  • Developing an intuitive and user-friendly system
  • Accelerating portal speed
  • Efficiently working to register new users and raising fresh quotation requests
  • Allowing manual and automated uploading of Excel file for creating a quotation request
  • Adding a group landing page for the client’s three divisions
The client engaged with our highly experienced development team to develop an end-to-end enterprise portal where its users can register and log in to the dashboard for raising a quotation or order request. Eventually, through the platform, the users would be able to view the status of their request. Other than that, our team deployed a robust database with all pre-populated part data points.

This enterprise portal worked intuitively so that its users could easily and directly enter their inquiries into the database using standard templates. We embraced a quality-centric approach for ensuring that high-end web solution is deployed for improving efficiency and enhancing user experience.

Front-end Having deep expertise in developing enterprise-class portals using HTML/CSS, our developers created a highly impressive website layout, which was developed using ASP.NET MVC. While keeping client requirements the number-1 priority, our team designed and developed a fully intuitive and highly responsive web portal with every single functionality feature. The top features of the portal include:

  • Dedicated Registration/Login modules
  • Featured-packed UI with an extremely intuitive interface
  • End-to-end Reporting System using SQL Reporting
  • A dedicated CMS for managing the content flow across the portal

Backend Working along with the front-end development team, our backend specialists developed an impressive web portal with server-side logic. In other words, we were always focused on creating a proven logic for enhancing the portal functionality and accomplish it by using a dedicated server-side language. We are responsible for optimizing the portal speed along with its efficiency. Besides, our team created a fully functional data storage solution with the MS-SQL database. We leveraged:

  • MS-SQL Server 2017 for data-storing purposes
  • HTML5/JQuery for designing an intuitive interface
  • ASP.NET Web API, and C# for developing a backend API
  • Code-developing capabilities for building functional web apps

Development Process Our designers, developers, and QA team dedicatedly worked on this project while keeping all the clients’ requirements at the center. We followed a fully functional Agile Methodology and followed all the process of Scrum by the book. Our project manager consistently kept tabs of the entire project life cycle and updated the status to the client with weekly demos. Some highlights of the development process included:

  • Deploying the latest web technologies
  • Building transparent work modules
  • Carrying out different UI tests
  • Building reusable code files and libraries
  • Debugging enterprise portal from top to bottom

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

With the newly designed web portal designed by Flexsin, we have embraced a next-level structured app..
David Stuart
The engagement resulted in the client reducing its workload and automating most of the process-centric tasks. The robust enterprise-wide web portal helped in boosting the client’s productivity. Best of all, after the web platform went live, the client automated the process of matching the requirements to different automotive parts stored in the database. Some highlights of the engagement are listed below.

  • Automating the matching of the requirements with over 200,000 parts stored in the database
  • Deploying a user-friendly UI for creating an intuitive experience
  • Simplifying the sign-up process that was time-consuming earlier
  • Executing an end-to-end CMS for simplifying content management initiatives
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