Created A Website To Help An International Timber Trading Business Attract 45% More Traffic And 27% More Sales

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Client Overview
The client is an international timber trading company and the idea behind it is to bring the Users and Mill owners closer and benefit both of them mutually, The client wanted to provide the users access to the world-class Lumber at reasonable price, on the other hand Mill owners can reach to worldwide customers. The client wanted an interface that could seamlessly connect the mill owners and world-class lumber seekers and bring them on the same platform so that both the parties could benefit from its functionalities to satisfy their buying and selling needs.
Business Needs
The client wanted to increase their customer outreach with the functionalities in their lumber trading website that could help them increase their sales and profits. Of late, they felt of being left out and wanted to leverage the power of digital to stay ahead in the competition and gain more profits. They wanted Flexsin to help them with their business growth needs in the international markets. The client approached us with their below business needs:

  • Extra channel to showcase business profile
  • Increase traffic and conversion on the website
  • Fully responsive website design
  • Product filters to help narrow down searches by the users
  • Downloadable product information
  • Increase sales and savings.

Strategy & Solution
Our developers identified the issues with the client's existing website and recommended solutions for its better performance. We assessed the suitability of the solutions from a technical and business perspective and shared our view with the client. The solution strategy was aligned to the needs of the client and the development cycle was approached accordingly.


Frontend provided a nice interface that users can easily find what they wanted. We kept the user experience and usability and mind during the frontend development to ensure that the users were able to find their desired products with ease on the website. Following things were done for the front end.

  • The products can be added from the Admin section.
  • The product and the content management system built in Admin to add products and display content.
  • Users can view the products and request for the Quote for any number of products.


Backend server was stored and arranged data, and made sure that everything on the client side woked fine. The backup of the data ensured that no user information was lost and the backend always served the needs of the frontend during the peak traffic hours.

  • Mill owners can send a file with the inventory they have and it can be updated by admin from the backend.
  • Writing APIs and working with system components without user interfaces
  • Working with version control systems for managing and developing builds
  • Security of backend with privileges and protection against DoS attacks.

Development Process:

A development process timeline was setup and milestones were created around it. The client’s needs were understood in detail and the development strategy was accordingly developed. The website was developed based on the purpose, goal and target audience, and information flow was arranged accordingly to best meet the end-user needs.

  • Wireframes and mockups for outline of the webpage
  • Custom graphics, logo colors, typography and drop down menus
  • Testing and launching of the website
  • Post development and maintenance

We employed our top developers on this client project with skills in a variety of development languages including JavaScript, Angular JS and Python. This ensured that the development process ran smoothly and the client was able to get the functionalities in the project that he wanted.

Business Outcomes
Our major focus was on the display of products, and inventory information sent by the Mill owners that was to be received in the backend. It was achieved by implementing the best of business practices and the development process methodology. This resulted in a timber business website that provided increased value to the client with the below successful outcomes.

  • Unique value proposition for the client and their customers
  • Easy display of the product images and features
  • Categorization of timber products with custom filters
  • High quality product images and benefits
  • 23% increase in international market outreach
  • 42% increase in traffic and 27% increase in sales

Client's Speak
Flexsin works remarkably well. They accomplished my numerous challenging tasks with the expected outcomes. I have been able to increase my outreach in the international markets. Highly recommended.
David Hull
Owner:, CA
Let's collaborate and discover propositions that unlock business opportunities.
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