A Secure Online Assessment Platform Improved An American Law Firm's Response Time

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Client Overview
A trusted estate and elder law firm required a digital assessment tool that would help its customers access legal resolutions fast. To safeguard the peace of mind, dignity, and assets of seniors in the US, the client has a suite of legal services, including estate planning, elder law, probate, etc. As a technology partner, we used our deep WordPress expertise to build a scalable online assessment platform whose backend was built using PHP. With the portal implemented, the client improved its response time and bottom line.
Business Needs
Being an established law firm offering legal services to the aging population of Montana, the client already had a robust offline presence. However, the client wanted to simplify the way Montanans approached its law firm. To that end, the client was looking for a groundbreaking solution. Some of the most pressing needs that the client was looking forward to fulfilling through an engagement are mentioned below:

  • Transforming how the client's aging customers approached it
  • Reducing the number of visits to the client's law firm
  • Developing a faster way of letting the client put its questionnaire in front of the customers
  • Improving the process of delivering recommendations to customers
Strategy & Solution
After extensively searching for a credible technology partner, the client decided to join hands with our team. We have deep expertise in handling web development projects, which involve building many online assessment tools, from conception to completion. Many hours of internal discussions led our WordPress team to come up with the idea of building an interactive and robust online assessment tool. Once this tool was in place, the client would strengthen its online presence. To make the tool easier and faster to browse and more conversion-driven, the team thoroughly analyzed the current technology trends. These analyses were carried out in phases, beginning from the tool's conception to its development and testing.

Besides, this online tool would help the client put its legal questionnaire for its customers online. Once the customers filled out the questionnaire, they would get the recommendation. After detailed discussions with the client's business team, we came up with building a responsive online assessment tool that would work well on mobile, tab, and desktop layouts. On top of that, we even integrated online meeting scheduling and web conferencing capabilities on the client's website and its online assessment tool.

Our WordPress development team ensured that the working of the online assessment tool was easy. First up, the users were allowed to sign up or log in to the website with their emails or social accounts - Facebook or Google. Once the sign-up or login is done, the user can start their online assessment through the built-in tool. During the course of the assessment, the users were supposed to answer a few questions with the help of the tool. Once they have answered the questions, users will be given a video recommendation for scheduling an e-meeting. Moreover, our WordPress developers have applied an algorithm that will help list video recommendations on the basis of the answers given by the user in the questionnaire.

Moreover, the client wanted its assessment tool to have a well-organized administrator panel for managing questions, customers, and responses in a PDF format. That is why our team made sure that the custom design theme and web development model aligned well with every need of the client. Our WordPress and front-end teams even ensured that the admin was the application's sole controller and could manage users, schedule meetings, gain insights into staff availability, and more. We ensured that the admin could perform all these activities through the FreeBusy panel.

Our deep WordPress expertise enabled the client to have an intuitive assessment tool. We even made sure that the interface did not have a steep learning curve because the target audiences were aging Montanans. We have mentioned a few highlights of the project's front-end.

  • Ensured that the assessment tool displayed valid recommendations based on the customer's responses
  • Helped customers schedule an appointment with the right person on the client's team
  • Delivered a blazing-fast booking experience by integrating the tool with FreeBusy
  • Integrated the tool with RingCentral to deliver real-time web conferencing

    The client's WordPress-enabled online assessment tool required a robust backend system. First up, the team went ahead with using MySQL for storing the customer's data points. Besides, to come up with a strong backend, the client decided to enroll the expertise of dedicated PHP developers to create a secure backend logic. Here are the backend highlights worth mentioning.
  • Used Smarty to differentiate the backend business logic with front-end presentations
  • Analyzed the inputs with a fool-proof algorithm that helped display the exact recommendation on the thank-you page
  • Integrated the FreeBusy scheduling assistant with RingCentral

Development Process:
From the word go, our development team used the agile methodology. By following this methodology, we found it easier to accommodate all the urgent requests from the client that came while the development was underway. Here are some of the key highlights that characterize the development process from end to end.

  • Brainstormed all the different project requirements and finalized them
  • Defined all the work-related milestones and communicated them to the client and other project stakeholders
  • Prepared detailed project outlines and defined the roles of every stakeholder
  • Delivered work reports regularly and arranged sprint meetings with the client
  • Demoed the project's work-in-progress file in every sprint meeting to gather the client's feedback
  • Tested the deliverables before they reached the client

  • Business Outcomes
    We made sure the online assessment tool was up and running within the defined timeframe. As the engagement drew to a close, the client had complete faith in our digital capabilities and even wished to extend the scope of the project whenever there was a need. Some of the top benefits that the client reaped after the project was deployed are mentioned below.

    • Improved the ROI by 3% by attracting new audiences who were interested in contactless assessments owing to the pandemic
    • Engineered a scalable portal that could deploy the existing customer base and even handle future demands
    • Built an online assessment tool with an extremely high response time of 80% for every page
    • Enhanced the end-to-end checkout experience by making it more streamlined and faster
    Client's Speak
    Working with Flexsin was a productive experience. We got our incredibly scalable online assessment tool on time. And the best part was that the tool was so well-designed that our customers actually love using it to get recommendations and book an online video consultation. Every single functionality is baked into the portal so well. I am really satisfied.

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