Built A Web Platform To Help A US-Based Restaurant Brokerage Service Provider Boost Its Returns By 40% In Two Quarters

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Client Overview
The client offers brokering services for single-unit and multi-unit restaurants all over the USA. The client provides essential insights for a comprehensive and cost-effective to deal with restaurant sales in the country. The expert brokers specialize in restaurant properties and implement a proven brokerage performance model to develop targeted marketing and development tools. They provide high-level restaurant brokerage service to the clients, relying on their expertise of the local markets knowledge and using the latest tools and insights in restaurant brokerage service.
Business Needs
The client wanted advanced features for single unit and multiple units search for Sellers Message Board, Loan Calculation and User Module. They wanted to confidentially store the buyer information till the final deal. Maintaining privacy is important for every restaurant business, and the client wanted robust security features in place. The client required the application to help them evaluate the worth of a restaurant, and market it profitably for the client. They wanted the below specific needs to be fulfilled.

  • Integration and built-in features for the restaurant brokerage business
  • Analytics and reporting for better servicing of clients
  • Cloud-based brokerage solution with flexibility and cost effectiveness
  • Permission and access control for various user roles
  • Ease of the website use and marketability
  • Security against external threats and protection of sensitive business data

Strategy & Solution
Flexsin developed the Rest search combining the power of the web with the experienced professionals and resources of the brokerage firm to create a simple, effective, and confidential process for linking buyers and sellers of single-unit and multi-unit restaurants. The client wanted to offer specialized services for sales, acquisition and leasing of restaurants throughout the U.S. We listened carefully to the client's development needs, and our experts worked out the marketing strategy together that work in the best interest of the client. Accordingly, solutions were offered to the client and strategy aligned to meet the needs of the solution.

Front-end We worked on the frontend of the website and ensured that it performs efficiently, smoothly and speedily. We tested the site for usability and fixed any bugs in good time. We focused on the user experience to ensure that the users feel the stickiness of the website and remain on it for longer. Our experts integrated markup languages, scripts and frameworks to create an environment for the users wherein they feel comfortable in using the site's various features. We provided below features in the front-end for the client:

  • Packaging the utilities of the backend to let the users interact with the interface effortlessly
  • Design/layout, navigation and internal links
  • Bringing concept to life with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Maintaining software workflow management

Backend Business logic and rules were written and followed for the backend to work efficiently. It was provided the capabilities to help the front-end do for the users what they intended for. Codes were written to make the buttons work by figuring out what data is fetched for a particular customer. Best talent were employed with excellent knowledge of server-side language for the technology stack needed for the backend development. It included the below key features:

  • End-to-end systems support and communication
  • Database and SQL to communicate with each other
  • Separate login and dashboard for every user and their specific roles.
  • Admin can organise users into various roles and grant or restrict access.

Development Process Agile development process was used in this project lifecycle. Our developers had a methodological, analytical and rational approach to the website development process. The development was done using the latest development technologies and tools that made the process easier for the developers. It also ensured that the website was developed as per the milestones using standardized practices.

  • Infrastructure to work for the support of software
  • Designing of the layout to enhance user experience
  • Coding of the website and sitemap creation

The development ensured that no bugs are left while the website was launched. It was tested before launch time and again to ensure that the website performs flawlessly.

Business Outcomes
We worked with a focused approach to bring out the best outcomes for the client in terms of website functionalities and features. As the client goals were discussed in detail, we focused our efforts on achieving the same. The result was that the client was able to get the needed functionalities and capabilities from their restaurant brokerage business, including the below ones:

  • Quick and easy generation of financial statement
  • Increase in brokerage revenue by 34% for the client
  • Increase in website traffic by 40% over a period of six months
  • Ease of doing business with client-friendly features
  • Elegant user interface with plenty of functionalities
  • Features with scalable functionalities to meet the growing business needs

Client's Speak
I reviewed many different outsourcing companies from India and finally zeroed in on Flexsin, given their strong Upwork profile. They performed to my expectations, and finished my project on time and in budget. They were accommodating of my schedule and deadline. I recommend Flexsin to everyone in need of outsourcing to India.
Dejan S. Vojnovic
Founder & President - National Restaurant Brokers, Atlanta, USA
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