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Our client, Brakeworld deals in quality brake parts to accomplish their client requirements. They stock only premium quality items of German, Italian and U.S. rotor manufacturers such as Bradi, Balo, Rotora, Rofren, Mintex, Hawk and many more. At Brakeworld.com they assure you to provide high performance products at highly lower price. If you find any high performance product at lower price then call or email them with brake-part-number and location where you found that product and they will definitely beat that price. They give guarantee for providing lowest price for all high performance products.
  • Time Duration 14 Months
  • Team Effort 07 Persons
Business Needs
The client approached us to develop an e-commerce and inventory management application for their automotive website. They need a dynamic and scalable website with user-friendly interface where they can easily manage their product listing and category with a huge database. They also required a search module from where user can make a quick search for the parts which they want to purchase by selecting Year, make and model. The prime requirement includes:-

  • Create system for inventory management
  • Maintaining huge database
  • Search and sort to easily find categories
  • Automatic Stock-out Reports
  • Product Categorization
  • Product History
At Flexsin, our team analysis the project requirements and share their working strategies with client. We have developed a complete solution through which customers can come and search for any braking parts by filtering on the basis of year, make and model. Once customer found their preferred item they can easily place the order. We focused on creating a user-friendly website that users can easily access and search the product.

As the system was going to be loaded with a bulk of data so we had to optimize the loading speed as well and for this, we have assigned a dedicated team for the execution of this website which will be consistently monitored by the project manager.

Front-end Our client demanded an intuitive and user-friendly system so we provided an elegant and user-friendly design with outstanding functionality features. We have implemented different tools that help our client in controlling their inventory processes.

The prime features of our front end application includes:-

  • Interactive Interface and clear navigation
  • Easy login system
  • Allow tracking order
  • Select the Make/Model/Year of your vehicle
  • Add products to a single category or multiple categories
  • An easy-to-use checkout
  • Multiple payment options

Backend Our challenge was to retain the search history for every single customer. So we designed a panel where admin can manage various site pages content, inventories and orders. Admin can also set-up the customer, brand and product-specific discounts. Next, managing product listing & categories with such a huge database was quite a challenging task. Keeping business objective in mind we proposed functionality and solutions to our client.

  • MSSQL database programing for maintaining data.
  • NET Framework is used for developing the application
  • Deploy and test the application
  • Track inventory levels, sales, orders and delivers
  • Ajax to make the system more faster

Development Process Flexsin team dedicatedly worked on structuring the application to provide clear navigation, high features and other functionalities. We have used ASP.Net Framework and assigned a team of expert developers for this project. Our team utilized latest technologies to develop an efficient and effective inventory management system to make our client business more profitable.

  • RND of other existing inventory management system
  • Choose required methods to manage entire inventory in existing system
  • Determine the prime needs of Automotive inventory system
  • Add the features of scalability and state-of-the functionalities
  • Design a solution to provide detailed visibility of inventory usage

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Competitive team and good job done. Throughout the project development, we found Flexsin team to be ..
John Montgomery
Owner - Brakeworld, Greenville, USA
Flexsin has developed a robust and easy to use website with unique features where users can search for the automotive parts of vehicles. Our team successfully completed all the tasks as per the client requirements. We acknowledge the client professionalism and cooperation with our team till the delivery of the project. The system offer various beneficial features include:-

  • Allow customers to find brake parts by selecting the Make/Model/Year of their vehicle.
  • Provide real time updates on different types of brake parts
  • Enable clients to manage their inventory in an easy and simple manner
  • Ensure realistic delivery deadlines for maximum customer satisfaction
  • Track the accounts so that client can plan their future and develop better business plans
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