Automated QA Testing For A Digital Product Streamlines Cashless Transactions At Gas Pumps In The US

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Client Overview
A technology company, enabling consumers to buy fuel from US gas stations securely and easily, wanted us to test the digital product that we made. The client's digital payment application helped consumers get rewards whenever they paid at gas pumps nationwide. The gas merchants who signed up on the client's digital platform created loyalty and reward programs for customers. As an end-to-end digital partner, we used automated QA processes to test the client's assets, including an e-wallet, against multiple parameters such as security, compliance, user experience, etc.
Business Needs
As we were the technology partner for the client we built the digital product from scratch. As part of our SDLC process, we planned to carry out end-to-end testing of the product. On our pretesting analysis, we found the mobile app to have optimization issues. In a bid to deliver a fully tested digital solution to the client, we expanded the scope of our current engagement. In that regard, there were a few business needs.

  • Checking touch-screen issues for the mobile app
  • Improving the web app and mobile app performance
  • Speeding up the release of app features and upgrades
  • Checking the security issues present in the mobile app and the web app
  • Analyzing whether the web app and mobile app performed smoothly on different devices and screen resolutions
  • Examining the compatibility of both the apps on multiple operating systems - iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS
Strategy & Solution
Being a trusted software testing and quality assurance company with years of experience, we became the client's first choice for running the checks and resolving the issues. Since the client had two dedicated products, we followed different testing approaches. First up, we assembled a team of mobile app testers and web app testers who followed individual testing approaches for both products. Our two teams of testers made dedicated test strategies for testing the mobile and the web app. The test strategies included analyzing the testing environments for both products and forming test groups for the web app and the mobile app.

The mobile testers executed different testing schedules on the mobile app. That way, we ensured that the mobile app performed better than ever before. We ran integrity testing, security testing, performance testing, usability testing, interoperability testing, and device-based testing for the mobile app. Besides, we tested the logic attached to the app. All in all, we ensured that the app ran as intended on smart devices, regardless of their screen sizes and operating systems.

Likewise, our team thoroughly tested the web app. We ran multiple checks on the web app, including cross-browser compatibility and responsive testing. Moreover, our team even performed cross-device compatibility testing, given the fact that users may access the web app from different devices. Additionally, we ran integration testing, security checks, and performance testing on the web application. That way, we ensured that the application's performance never took a hit, no matter what. Throughout the course of web app testing, we followed a device-based testing approach. Because of that, we made sure the web app worked properly on multiple devices.

As the apps included an e-wallet, we checked its functionality in every way. We checked whether the funds were credited or debited in the user's wallet - whether they used it through the mobile app or the web application. We even checked whether the digital wallet was getting linked with the bank account of a user. That is how we ensured that the users could use this e-wallet to pay at any pump seamlessly.

Last but not least, we performed regression testing and validation testing time and again on the database. By carrying out these specific testing schedules periodically, we improved the functionality of the final products by a wide margin.

Our Testing Process

We executed the testing process successfully only because we followed an airtight testing life cycle. Thanks to this testing cycle, we have developed clear visibility of different test schedules that should be executed to deliver a secure e-wallet and a high-performance web app for the client. Our testing process has provided us with unparalleled visibility into different test components so that we can debug them effectively. The testing process we followed for this engagement included the following steps.

  • Collected and analyzed all the project requirements
  • Created a robust test strategy, including multiple testing phases
  • Built several test-case designs to test the features and functionalities of different products
  • Evaluated the test environment thoroughly
  • Implemented different test cases seamlessly
  • Adhered to a test cycle closure that had properly defined exit criteria
Business Outcomes
By following all the steps mentioned in the test strategy we formed for this project, we delivered a high-performance web application and an intuitive mobile application to the client. The fully tested web app and mobile app helped the client achieve a number of benefits. Some of the key benefits the client used included the following ones.

  • Improved the user sign-up count once the fully tested products were deployed
  • Enhanced the user experience of the mobile app and the web app
  • Strengthened the data security of the users using both the applications - mobile app and web app
Client's Speak
Flexsin has always followed a hands-on approach for both my products - web app and mobile app. I think the testers at Flexsin are at the top of their game. Highly recommended!
Joey Castaneda
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