A Leading Retail and E-commerce Platform for Fashion Crafts & Gift Cards

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Client Overview
The client runs a retail and E-commerce platform that allows users to explore their fashion Crafts and Gift Cards. The users are rewarded based on their purchases through the store. They offer a vast selection of arts, crafts and floral merchandise to a broad demography of customers. This website allows users to select the projects listed under various categories and view their details related to manufacturing procedure and project supplies. Users can also save the items and sort them either by the name or recently added.
Business Needs
The store also has a search module allowing users to efficiently search for fashion crafts and cards by using keywords. The client wanted to have more subscribers for their website to increases sales and revenue. They wanted the website to have updated information on in-stock and out-of-stock items, and also inventory updates. One can also subscribe to the site's newsletter to stay updated. The client also wanted to run an affiliate program to increase their sales across various channels. They wanted their online store to have below functionalities.

  • Viewing of weekly ads and coupons regarding offers and discounts
  • Information on teacher, military and senior discounts
  • Updated information on the affiliate program
  • Store locator functionality
  • User reward program
  • Coupon policy and price

Strategy & Solution
Our team researched extensively to make the features compatible as per the desired frameworks and technologies. The team was able to meet the challenges like design scalability so that all users have equal access to all the areas of the website. The website was enriched with user-friendly content and stickiness to help the users stay longer on it. A marketing strategy for the next six months was discussed with the client and worked upon to help them get more sales. We used business intelligence and analytical tools for this purpose and provided the client with industry insights.

Front-end The frontend was developed keeping in mind the needs and convenience of the end users. Navigation was made intuitive while the website load speed was optimized for quick display of the content. We ensured that the user interface is self-explanatory that can be used with ease by anyone. Key highlights of our frontend development phase are:

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript for direct user interactions
  • RESTful services and APIs
  • Responsive website with cross-browser development

Backend After understanding the business and technical requirements of the client, we developed the backend to return data to the frontend for facilitating user interactions, such as shopping online, creating filters and filling out forms. The backed was developed keeping in mind the needs of an E-commerce store, and all the needed tools and technologies were used for this purpose.

  • Strong panel for product management where admin can list all the projects in different categories
  • CMS to manage contents, pages and gallery.
  • Data and software written in a server-side language

Development Process A dynamic website with unique features for arts and crafts supplies was designed and developed where users can search for projects of art and craft. Our team successfully completed all the tasks as per the client's requirements. One of the major challenges was to manage the categories and listing of products with such a huge database that we successfully overcame with our expertise and use of the latest tools. The navigational structure along with the integration of Payment gateway was also done.

  • Agile project execution methodology
  • ASP.NET for safe and secure data transfer
  • Git and version control systems

The development process was well defined and progressed as per the agreed milestones. We followed the industry’s best practices in the development process, and used an agile methodology for this purpose.

Business Outcomes
Our experts worked dedicatedly to bring out the desired outcomes for the client. We modified our strategy in the run time to align with the client’s goals and expectations. The website was designed to meet the demands of the modern-day design philosophy of an ecommerce store. We were able to achieve the below successful outcomes for our valued client:

  • Increase in affiliate program by 45%
  • Increase in website accessibility and usability
  • Special prints and custom framing
  • Professional design help from Frame Personal Designer
  • Photo prints and value canvas
  • Elegant and user-friendly interface

Client's Speak
We were able to nearly double our sales within six months. This became possible only due to the hard work commitment and expertise of Flexsin. Good work guys!
Pepe Piperno
CEO: A.C. Moore, US
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