A Shopify Store With Zoho CRM Automated Lead Management And Maximized Digital Presence For An Australian Retailer

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Client Overview
A top Australian bathroom supply store wanted to build a strong e-commerce presence and transform lead management. Since 2000, the client has offered quality bathroom fittings and has been part of a sector projected to become worth AU$4,536.2 million by 2030. As a technology partner, we helped the client build its digital store on Shopify. To automate the client's lead management process, we configured, implemented, and integrated Zoho CRM into its newly built e-commerce store. With the store integrated with Zoho CRM, the client improved its digital presence and empowered its sales team to maximize the ROI from every lead engagement.
Business Needs
A strong digital presence and proper lead management were two priorities for the client. The client only had a physical store and wanted to take its business online. Also, the client relied on a manual way of managing leads that included a patchwork of spreadsheets, shared folders, and outdated paper-based processes. To drive business transformation, the client had the following needs in mind.

  • Building an e-commerce store that could establish a strong digital presence for the business
  • Measuring the performance of the Google Ads campaigns that the client intended to run once the digital store went live
  • Integrating the online supply store with an end-to-end CRM solution to improve lead management
Strategy & Solution
Being a digital growth partner, we helped the client create its technology stack that would meet its unique business needs. We started the engagement with a discovery session where we divided the project into two parts. The first part required the client to use our web development services to build its e-commerce store. In the second part of the engagement, the client would bring our CRM experts on board to create a solution for managing leads effectively.

Our web developers discussed the key requirements regarding the digital store with the client. After the discussion, our team decided to go with Shopify as the client wanted a mobile-responsive, secure, beautiful store where the content could be organized and updated easily.

Regarding the CRM solution that was supposed to be integrated at the backend of the Shopify store, our team suggested the client use Zoho. This CRM solution would be integrated with the client's Shopify store without any downtime. Moreover, Zoho CRM brought built-in capabilities for automating lead management and monitoring the performance of Google Ads campaigns.


Our Shopify developers used the platform's feature-rich website builder to customize the store's template and theme. This customization work was fast-tracked by our HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities. That way, we designed a store interface at a quick turnaround, capturing the clients brand image perfectly. From building an intuitive online store to maximizing the shopping experience, we factored in every aspect while building the client's digital presence. Some of the key highlights of the project's front-end are given below.

  • Set up different modules for each product category
  • Created an easy-to-use admin panel for managing the store's backend.
  • Optimized the checkout experience by customizing the store layout.
  • Rechecked the payment gateway to ensure the cart-abandonment rate would not go up in the future.


The client wanted to drive conversions at a fast pace once the Shopify store went live. To do that, the client's marketing team planned on running different Google Ads campaigns. As optimizing lead management with Zoho CRM was one of our SLAs, we integrated Google Ads with a lead-capture form we designed using Zoho Forms. The form was placed on the store's Contact Us page, where Google Ads campaigns would drive prospects. We configured the Zoho CRM to help the client's marketing team capture the Google Click Identifier (GCLID) code for all the campaigns it planned on running. That was how we made it possible to monitor the performance of all ad campaigns, track their conversion rates, and optimize them if required from the Zoho CRM dashboard.

  • Configured the lead-capture form to send notifications to the sales team whenever a lead was captured.
  • Implemented a round-robin algorithm in the form to ensure every salesperson would get an equal opportunity to turn a prospect into a buyer.
  • Used Zoho CRM to create automated sales, marketing, and logistical workflows.

Our Development Process

We followed an agile development methodology to build a Shopify store for the client and integrate it with Zoho CRM at the backend. We went with agile owing to the fact that this project required cross-functional teams comprising web developers and CRM specialists. We also went with the agile methodology because it uses an iterative development approach that prioritizes collaboration. Here are some of the key steps of the development process we followed throughout the course of this engagement.

  • Set up project requirements and defined achievable milestones.
  • Defined the responsibility of every stakeholder involved in the project delivery life cycle.
  • Created store templates in accordance with the client's requirements.
  • Tested the lead-capture form and Zoho CRM workflow automation.
  • Sent the deliverables to the client for receiving the final go-ahead.
Business Outcomes
As the engagement came to a close, we designed, developed, and launched the Shopify store. In addition, we ensured the store was linked with Zoho CRM with everything working as intended. Here are some of the benefits the client reaped as the digital store with Zoho CRM in its backend went live.

  • Improved the business reach and targeted more customers online effectively with a newly built Shopify store.
  • Checked lead statuses and conversion rates with custom templates we built on Zoho CRM.
  • Tracked total profits coming from online sales and captured delivery and cancellation data with workflow automation.
  • Calculated the revenue against each campaign/GCLID by integrating Google Ads with Zoho CRM.
  • Enabled the client's marketing team to optimize the ad campaigns with the lead management automation capabilities we created in Zoho CRM.
Client's Speak
Flexsin's deep Shopify knowledge and in-depth Zoho expertise helped me set up my digital store in no time and automate lead management. I am happy with the outcomes!
Anthony Xu
Director, Austpek Bathrooms
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