A Metaverse Marketplace That Made Crypto And NFT Trading Secure And Immersive

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Client Overview
Located in the US, METVERMART owns and manages a global NFT metaverse marketplace that allows users to trade crypto assets and NFTs. With the development of this platform, the client wanted to capitalize on the rising popularity of NFTs. That is why the client began investing resources in the idea of building a robust metaverse marketplace that supports secure and seamless trading. Moreover, the metaverse enables the users to design their avatars that they can use to interact with others in the marketplace. The metaverse supports different functionalities, such as using a built-in calling feature, interacting with the help of text and voice chat, and playing games.
Business Needs
The client had a lucrative idea of building a robust metaverse marketplace. However, metaverse development is a new thing and poses many challenges, even for the most seasoned developers. And the client clearly lacked the expertise in designing and developing any web enterprise portal, let alone a feature-rich metaverse. Here are some of the key business needs that prompted the client to find a metaverse development company and start an engagement with it.

  • Building a metaverse marketplace application with an intuitive user interface and a robust backend
  • Integrating chatting and calling features into the metaverse marketplace
  • Adding a gaming feature in the marketplace to attract users and improve their retention
  • Empowering users to create avatars that will mimic them in the digital world of the metaverse
Strategy & Solution
We are rising as a reliable name in metaverse development and maintenance. The client saw some of the in-house metaverse projects we built and decided to bring our team on board. After a discovery meeting, our metaverse developers suggested the client move ahead with a robust yet intuitive isometric marketplace. Our team also planned on connecting the marketplace with the MetaMask wallet to streamline trading. We proposed to build the metaverse marketplace application on Unity. The client shared the features - chat, call, and gaming - that the application should have. To help create the ownership of the item in the metaverse-enabled marketplace, we suggested the use of the Ethereum blockchain NFT. We received the client's go-ahead after submitting a feasibility report for building a metaverse-enabled trading marketplace on the MERN stack.


Our team of frontend developers kick-started the project by preparing different user interface (UI) designs. We gave different versions of the UI for the app. Each of these versions was easy to navigate and responsive for different screens. We gave the client the power to choose from different UI layouts. Eventually, the client picked a UI layout that sat well with the tonality of its brand. Here are some of the highlights of the frontend initiatives we took for the client.

  • Built app the UI - especially the gaming interface
  • Added an easy-to-use calling facility across the metaverse marketplace
  • Enabled the users to earn points whenever they played a game, giving them more reasons to work with the app
  • Connected the app with the MetaMask e-wallet
  • Allowed the user to move across the metaverse landscape seamlessly
  • Created intuitive avatars for metaverse users and performed detailed metaverse modeling


Our backend initiatives included everything from selecting the gaming engine to picking a game development platform. First up, we started by convincing the client how this metaverse marketplace should be built using the Ethereum blockchain. We listed the different advantages of working with this specific blockchain. Also, our backend developers closely monitored the entire metaverse landscape to ensure which bucket container could be used for hosting the game. Here are some of the key highlights of the project's backend.

  • Used Photon as the game engine
  • Relied on Unity for game development
  • Picked an Amazon S3 bucket for hosting the game
  • Developed APIs using lambda functions
  • Managed massive traffic with the help of a serverless architecture
  • Stored data using Amazon DynamoDB
  • Allowed users to build their digital wallets on MetaMask
  • Wrote failproof smart contracts on Solidity
  • Powered the calling and chat features using the Photon game engine

Development Process

We wanted our project management to be flexible at all times. And that was why we used Agile right from the project's initiation to its deployment and testing. We used the Scrum framework for executing the project from start to finish. We even set the sprint duration in the Scrum framework for two weeks. Moreover, every Scrum ceremony was held on time every time to make sure that the project execution was on track. Here are some of the highlights of our development process.

  • Gathered the project requirements at an incredible speed
  • Defined team roles and responsibilities
  • Initiated the development process with daily standups to check the project's status
  • Tested the deliverables before sending them to the client
  • Prepared maintenance schedules to let the metaverse marketplace work as intended
Business Outcomes
A strong development process and deep metaverse development expertise helped us deliver a fully functional metaverse marketplace as per the decided schedule. Once the marketplace went live, the client reaped a range of benefits. Some of the benefits the client received as the metaverse marketplace was launched are mentioned below for your quick reference.

  • Helped crypto and NFT traders form an intuitive and immersive metaverse community
  • Catered to heavy traffic easily because of the marketplace's serverless architecture
  • Secured every transaction happening on the NFT metaverse with the help of smart contracts
  • Retained the users and attracted newer ones with the help of a built-in immersive gaming environment
  • Attracted more NFT traders that wanted to experience secured trading in a metaverse ecosystem
Client's Speak
I am so satisfied with how the metaverse development team at Flexsin has helped me realize my vision of having a metaverse-powered NFT marketplace. Highly recommended!
James Jason
Product Manager
Let's collaborate and discover propositions that unlock business opportunities.
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