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Glocal world is a social networking and recruitment portal that provides a robust platform to both employees and job seekers. This ecosystem helps job seekers to fulfill their career aspirations and enables employers to find talent. With this ecosystem, job seekers will register themselves and search for jobs suitable for them whereas the employers can register and post job vacancies as quickly and seamlessly as possible.
  • Time Duration 05 Months
  • Team Effort 04 Persons
Business Needs
Flexsin's team was needed to create a platform where job seekers could create, upload, and update their profile. This platform enabled job seekers to find and apply for new opportunities and view the complete status of the applied employment. The employer could post and update job vacancy details. Employers could also search, view, and download resumes. Last, admins were allowed to manage everything on the portal.

  • Dedicated portals for different users
  • Improved functionalities
  • Responsive job portal
  • Streamlined front-end and backend capabilities
Our team of developers researched and planned collaboratively for making the features of the portal fully compatible as per the desired frameworks and technologies such as PHP and MySQL. The team leveraged an interesting mix of front-end technologies and backend frameworks for developing a functional portal easily and right on time. The solution was aimed to bridge the gap that existed between job seekers and employers worldwide.

Front-end The team consistently worked with powerful and flexible front-end technologies for completing the project. These technologies were used for developing a robust job portal.

  • Intuitive features for employers and job seekers
  • Responsive portal
  • Fully optimized recruitment center
  • Highly fast UI

Backend The backend is as important as the front-end. Because of that, our team worked with the latest backend frameworks for developing a robust job portal. Below are some of the highlights of this project's backend.

  • Generating reports for the admin
  • Searching became fast, accurate, and user-friendly
  • High performance was maintained
  • Data storage was done efficiently

Development Process The client was delighted by the development process we followed. Our team used a highly flexible development process for making sure that the project was delivered on time. For that, our team took every milestone's competition seriously.

  • Requirement gathering
  • Development, production, and deployment
  • Testing and quality checks
  • Bug fixing and support

By following the development process properly and sticking to our company's policy of excellence, this team of developers made sure that the project was developed strictly on the budget that the client provided.

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Highly recommended! ..
Vijay Kondur
Founder, Glocalcircles, Houston, USA
Our team covered all the milestones properly. Which is why, the client was quite happy and planned to extend our existing engagement. Through our professionalism, we made sure that the project met the client's expectations really well.

We made sure to check for the client's feedback regularly. This way, we were able to not only meet but also exceed the client's expectation. Here are the benefits that the client experienced from this engagement.

  • Developing a highly user-friendly web portal
  • Searching for jobs and posting employments became simpler
  • The client improved the way the whole job portal worked
  • Highly efficient and optimized platform
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