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  • Time Duration 10 Months
  • Team Effort 04 Persons
Business Needs
The client approached us to develop and design a web based multilingual eLearning management system which helps the professionals in enhancing their skills by comprehensive learning solutions. They want that educational materials should be available in different languages with advanced e-learning tools and customized eLearning content. Prime needs of the application include:-

  • Content Development (Multilingual)
  • Instructional designing
  • Online test section
  • Scenario based learning
  • Computer based training development
  • Innovative E-learning Solutions
Flexsin worked with quality driven approach and ensure to provide high quality learning application for enhancing user experience. We researched on different frameworks and technologies that can make the application features compatible and easy to use. Our designers, developers and instructional experts dedicatedly worked on the projects while keeping all clients requirements in the top priority.

We divide the responsibilities among our team members and every task is given to the expert of that domain. Our project manager was consistently monitored project and successfully delivered it. We follow our delivery promises and delivered high-quality solution on time within budget.

Front-end While keeping clients need in mind, our team designed an impressive and user-friendly system that users can easily access and choose different learning solutions as per their needs. We added new features and functionalities that make LMS easy to use with various benefits. A front end of the application include:-

  • Customize UI and Features
  • High performance application
  • Seamless integration
  • Multi-language in English and Urdu
  • Interactive interface
  • Mobile friendly app
  • light-weight web design, custom GUI

Backend Our team was continuously researching to make features compatible applications as per the desired frameworks and technologies. We were focused on creating high performance application that gives outstanding learning solution for large numbers of users simultaneously. The system had customizable web design and multiple browser support. In backend process we worked on different aspects:-

  • Maintain application effectiveness in different languages
  • Ensure High Level of Security
  • Fully modifiable learning management functionality
  • MS-SQL database for storing data
  • Easy registration of employee in the LMS to access courses

Development Process During development process, we worked on different modules of the projects including customized eLearning solution, eLearning tools and other important features and functionalities. We used Microsoft .Net and Asp.Net to develop a powerful custom eLearning solution which would have advanced functions with attractive interface.

  • Work on providing seamless integration
  • Create instructional design document
  • Development of prototype
  • LMS configuration
  • Design algorithm
  • Custom theme design and installation
  • Build curriculum with eLearning solutions

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Great results with a dedicated & supportive team who know the market & the latest technologies. they..
Azzam Sheer
Founder & CEO at 360eLearn, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The client was happy with quality work and excellent level of communication support provided by Flexsin. We have installed and configured LMS as per client instruction and now it is successfully use by many individuals for enhancing their skills and educations. The application enhances our client's business and brings more users on their website as well as generates good revenue. Using our multilingual e-learning system beneficial in different manner:-

  • Provide training to new and existing employee in efficient way
  • Enhance employees expertise across the workforce
  • Benefits in improving interdepartmental relations
  • Assign the required courses to either individuals or specific groups.
  • Clear and in-depth understanding of the e-learning field
  • Provide technical help to sort any issues
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