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An E-Commerce Blockchain With Solidity Smart Contracts Helps An Australian Retailer Cut Its Dependence On Third Parties

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Client Overview
Based in Australia, the client is building a new data-backed equity blockchain for transforming the face of e-commerce. The client even has a digital token that powers the all-new blockchain-enabled e-commerce ecosystem. Apart from having its token, the ecosystem even has a built-in e-commerce platform, a crypto exchange, and a social media platform. The client has a simple vision behind creating this e-commerce portal: to help small sellers take their businesses online. In a way, the client is lowering the entry barriers into the blockchain landscape for conventional mom-and-pop stores.
Business Needs
Business Needs The client envisioned helping small businesses take their business online. Besides, the client even had the aim of enabling these small and midmarket businesses to tap into the power of blockchain and increase their purchasing power. Before the start of the engagement, the client had the following needs in mind.

  • Building a robust blockchain-powered ecosystem that would revolutionize the e-commerce landscape
  • Accelerating the pace of growth for small-scale vendors by helping them put their businesses online
  • Improving the acceptance of crypto assets among small-sized shopkeepers
  • Designing and deploying different parts of the e-commerce ecosystem that would refine buying and selling experiences
Strategy & Solution
The client wanted to partner with a blockchain development company that could make its vision come true. Its search for an experienced development partner ended with us. We have deep expertise in developing and deploying scalable blockchain solutions. After multiple brainstorming sessions with the client's technology team, we zeroed in on developing a decentralized marketplace. Besides, we even thought of connecting that marketplace with an ICO platform built over a blockchain. This ICO trading platform had to have a robust payment gateway as well. To make the token for the entire blockchain-powered ecosystem, we followed the ERC-20 token standard. We were on track to build an e-commerce ecosystem that could integrate a shopping portal, a cryptocurrency trading platform, a social media channel, and a B2B portal. The biggest upside of using blockchain technology for powering the e-commerce ecosystem was the fact that it minimized the transaction fees.

As the ecosystem was supposed to interact heavily with the end consumers, the client wanted its interface to be intuitive. That is why our team of front-end developers used HTML for designing a user-friendly UI. Other highlights of the ecosystem's front-end are as follows.

  • Making the learning curve of the new UI less steep
  • Adding interactive elements to the interface so that someone with less technical knowledge can also use it
  • Streamlining the processes of new-user sign-ups

To build the backend of the ecosystem, our team of developers used PHP. As far as the ecosystem's database went, we finalized MySQL for storing user data and other transactional details. Besides, our team of Solidity developers was put to use for creating an array of smart contracts that governed the ecosystem.

  • Creating a robust backend that could secure user data and transactional histories
  • Leveraging the Metamask payment gateway for securing real-time transactions
  • Ensuring that the backend was well-connected with the database

Development Process:
At the outset of the engagement, the development team followed a highly agile work ecosystem. Following an agile work methodology has always remained integral to executing all our engagements. Besides, using this methodology helped us handle even the most complex project requirements quickly. We have mentioned the highlights of the development process below.

  • Attended different pre-development meetings for understanding the scope of the project
  • Defined project deadlines and established milestones from the beginning
  • Set different areas of responsibilities for project stakeholders
  • Handled on-the-fly requirements from the client even while the production was underway
  • Tested multiple deliverables before sending them for the final review from the client

Business Outcomes
As the blockchain ecosystem went from production to final implementation, we were confident that we met all the requirements set by the client. The ecosystem was all set to revolutionize the way shoppers bought stuff and sellers sold it. Below, we have mentioned some notable business outcomes that the client experienced once the platform went from production to deployment.

  • Transformed the process of buying and purchasing merchandise over the blockchain
  • Streamlined and secured how crypto trading can be done by even someone who did not have any prior knowledge
  • Eliminated the need for third parties and intermediaries
  • Brought down the chances of scamming and fraudulence across the blockchain-powered ecosystem
Client's Speak
From the get-go, Flexsin’s blockchain development team has become an extension of our in-house team. They understood our requirements and helped us achieve them on time.

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