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Our client, Noontime helps low volume and home winemakers and brewers to create and print personalized custom wine labels & custom beer labels for short-run production, home use, wine gifts, wine wedding favors, promotions, and special events. They utilize their pre-made templates and online design tools to design distinctive labels in just few minutes. All their labels are printed on 8.5 in. x 11in. sheet fed, peel & stick label stock. They use solid ink printing process to provide saturated colors and make their labels water resistant and will not smear or smudge. They provide full design services for those who want unique labels for their wine or home brew beer.
  • Time Duration 10 Months
  • Team Effort 05 Persons
Business Needs
Our client required a website to expand its business to the online world. They need a user-friendly online portal where users can approach for their label requirements. The website should contain all their services and different types of labels including vinyl waterproof labels, paper label with permanent adhesive, paper label with removable adhesive and general labeling practices. They needed a customized e-commerce platform where users can customize the labels by using customization tools as per their requirements. The platform also required a retailers account and the account roles and features are categorized by admin/owner of the platform.

  • Customized e-commerce platform
  • Easy Sign up and login
  • Show all label designs
  • Seamless payment process
  • High performance website
  • Easy navigation
We recommended the best solutions to accomplish our client needs. Our team faced major challenges with the development of customized tool. We have used customization tool which were designed/developed by using canvas and has maximum features to helps users for customize their labels easily. We also faced the challenges related to retailer module because there are 4 types of retailer accounts with different features and functionality.

We allocate the dedicated resource with the expertise of canvas and open source. Our team pays attention on its user-interface to make it look impressive and unique so that more and more users attracts towards it and approach the client for label work.

Front-end Our designers dedicatedly worked to make the website interface more user-friendly and interactive while meeting client's requirements. We developed a responsive website compatible with all the browsers and enhance the business to a larger extent.

  • A easy to use checkout
  • High performance website
  • Customization features
  • Easy to navigate
  • Vivid graphics with relevant information
  • Mobile friendly
  • Well defined drop down menu
  • Seamless integration

Backend For managing the complete data, we required robust backend architecture therefore our team utilized MySQL database. Our team worked on creating values in drop down menu by constructing an infrastructure which pull the value from database. By using advanced database programing and framework we had created a scalable and robust backend support for the website.

  • Ajax is used for front end development
  • My SQL for database
  • Easy CMS for all sections available on the website
  • Used dedicated APIs for wine label data collection

Development Process Our development team was very focused and using specific frameworks and methodologies to complete the website development phase. We keep updated with emerging technologies and used them for delivering cutting edge and high impact solution. Our developers used PHP due to its scalability, easy deployment and simplified coding.

  • Requirement gathering
  • Design and deployment
  • Testing
  • Quality check and control

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

I got an excellent tool developed in Angular.JS for the custom labelling in my website. Team did exc..
David Noone
Owner - Noontime Labels, Florida, USA
We have successfully developed an E-Commerce website for beer and wine labels. It was really exciting working with this client and end result was successful launch of another great project. Our client had full faith on us that we will meet all his demand and on time. We accomplished assigned task with full dedication and at last we completed our task within deadline. The website benefits the users and our clients in many ways:-

  • Enhance our client reach to wider audiences
  • Increase the revenue generation by getting more clients
  • Users enjoy easy and convenient way to find wide range of label design
  • Enable to customize label in few clicks
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