Business Process Transformation in the Pharmaceutical Industry Through Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation

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Client Overview
A pharmaceutical company's growth was hindered by inefficient processes related to manufacturing, supply chain, and finance. The client operates a trusted pharmaceutical business that is committed to improving health outcomes with quality medications. The client realized its suboptimal processes were slowing it down in a competitive pharmaceutical sector. We became the client's trusted technology partner, enabling it to improve its processes by deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365 BC) ERP. With Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation, the client improved its processes and unlocked new frontiers of growth.

Business Needs
With a wide market reach, the client's business had to remain agile to serve customers better while boosting profitability. However, the client's dependence on manual, paper-based processes hindered its capability to evolve its financial processes and transform its supply chain. Additionally, the client found it challenging to comply with the industry's strict regulations. Here are some unmet business needs that pushed the client to engage in a partnership with a technology company.

  • Earlier, the client's financial system lacked integration; because of that reason, real-time visibility took a hit, leading to ineffective decision-making and delays in financial reporting.
  • The company's supply chain was convoluted, which led the client to face difficulties in optimizing procurement, distribution, and demand forecasting.
  • The absence of accurate costing methods for inventory management and manufacturing impacted the client's profitability.
  • Because of its inefficient processes, the client could not comply with fast-changing and complex industry regulations.
Strategy & Solution
At the start of the engagement, we analyzed the client's business in detail. Besides carrying out this analysis, we reviewed the client's existing processes and business requirements. After a few meetings with the client, we finalized the deployment of the D365 Business Central ERP solution. With this implementation, the company could surmount its core challenges in manufacturing, supply chain, and finance. This investment improved operational efficiency and helped the company gain a competitive edge in the industry. Here are some of the D365 BC modules we used in the project.

Financial Management:

We deployed D365 BC's financial modules, thereby making the client's financial processes more outcome-driven. Our team deployed Business Central's financial modules, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed assets, and general ledger. The financial modules' real-time reporting and data capabilities helped the client reap the benefits of improved forecasting, budgeting, and financial visibility.

Supply Chain Management:

We customized supply chain features - procurement, inventory management, order fulfillment, and demand planning - to help the client streamline its logistics operations. These improvements helped streamline better collaboration among vendors, order tracking, distribution, and procurement management.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central brings incredible capabilities in terms of shop floor control, production planning, and work order management. That way, we helped the client optimize its manufacturing processes from end to end, minimize downtime, and improve production efficiency.

Inventory Costing:

We implemented different advanced costing processes - actual costing, FIFO, and standard costing - to evaluate inventory accurately. Achieving a high degree of accuracy helped the client control and track inventory cost-effectively, thereby improving the business's profitability analysis.

Compliance and Reporting:

Our Microsoft specialists configured the tools in D365 BC to make sure the client's business complies with different industry regulations; besides, the configuration of Business Central tools helped generate financial reporting accurately. That way, the client could seamlessly adhere to different pharmaceutical industry standards while simplifying reporting and auditing.

Implementation Plan:

We meticulously prepared an implementation plan, which made the engagement successful. Here are the steps we followed while implementing the Business Central ERP solution for the client.

  • Assessment: We carried out a detailed analysis of all the existing business processes, datasets, and system requirements.
  • Customization: Our team performed extensive Dynamics 365 Business Central customizations so that the deployment aligned with the client's key needs.
  • Data Migration: We ensured the data was seamlessly migrated into D365 BC deployment.
  • Training: Our team carried out comprehensive training sessions for the client's employees so that they could use this new ERP system optimally.
  • Testing: We performed rigorous testing to make sure the system can function as planned with no hitches or downtime.
  • Go-Live: We deployed the ERP system gradually, starting with mission-critical departments first and then scaling up. Doing gradual deployment helped us minimize disruptions effectively.
Business Outcomes
Deploying Dynamics 365 Business Central helped the client embark on a digital transformation journey. Once the ERP solution was deployed, the client streamlined its financial management processes, enhanced budgeting, and improved financial visibility. Likewise, the deployment helped the client increase its supply chain efficiency with the help of optimized inventory management and advanced demand forecasting. Besides, the deployment helped the client make inventory costing and manufacturing accurate, thereby helping improve profitability analyses. The newly implemented ERP system also ensured compliance with industry regulations and standards. Overall, we are positive that this strategic investment will yield maximum return on investment (ROI) for the client in the future.

Streamlining Financial Management:

  • Real-time financial data reporting
  • Improved forecasting and budgeting
  • Enhanced decision-making and financial visibility
Improving Supply Chain Management:

  • Advanced inventory optimization and demand forecasting
  • Improved procurement management and supplier collaboration
  • Enhanced distribution and order tracking
Optimizing Manufacturing And Inventory Costing:

  • Followed precise product costing methodologies
  • Enhanced cost tracking and inventory control
  • Improved profitability analyses
Regulatory And Compliance Management:

  • Built-in compliance features to help the client meet evolving industry regulations
  • Adherence to even the strictest pharmaceutical industry standards
  • Simplified auditing and reporting
ROI And Cost Justification

  • Streamlined processes to minimize operating costs
  • Increasing revenue through improved inventory optimization and demand forecasting
  • Improved profitability with the help of accurate product costing
Client's Speak
Earlier, my company struggled with manual processes that led to business-wide inefficiency. But Flexsin helped me set up, configure, customize, and implement Business Central for my business. After deploying the ERP solution, my business has unlocked new levels of operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Highly recommended!

Delhi, India
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