Analytics-Driven Data Transformation in Personal Care Industry Through Power BI Implementation

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Client Overview
Operating a trusted female hygiene and baby care business, the client sought to enhance its business operations by unlocking the power of visualization and data analytics. The client is committed to offering sustainable feminine hygiene and baby care products. To improve the organized sanitary pad market's penetration rate, the client wanted to improve operations and productivity with the help of data. As a technology partner and Microsoft Solutions partner, we enabled the client to leverage Power BI and create data-driven processes to bolster sales, secondary sales, finance, and inventory reporting. The result of Power BI implementation helped decision-makers uncover real-time insights to propel efficiency and profitability.

Business Needs
As an established sanitary pads manufacturer and distributor with a wide market reach, the client had to remain competitive in today's fast-paced marketplace. The company recognized the importance of relevant, real-time datasets to adopt agility in today's rapidly evolving industry. Here are some of the unmet needs the client had before the engagement began.

  • Streamlining the reporting process across finance, inventory management, sales, and secondary sales
  • Meeting the dynamic market changes swiftly and making informed decisions, depending on real-time insights
  • Centralizing and integrating data from diverse departments to build a holistic business view
  • Minimizing data processing and reporting time, thereby enabling employees to remain focused on other value-added tasks
Strategy & Solution
As a technology partner for the client, we were focused on making data a competitive advantage for the business. The client unlocked the capability of datasets by deploying Power BI. As a Microsoft Solutions partner, we helped the client effectively use different Power BI modules.


The key challenge for the client included handling disparate data sources that were present across the enterprise. To facilitate the data integration process, we formed data connectors in Power BI; they streamlined data collection from different sources, such as SAP systems, field assets, and Excel spreadsheets.

Centralizing data from these multiple sources meant unifying the data repository and making sure every department could access a single source of truth. This centralized approach improved data management and minimized inconsistencies and other discrepancies, thereby creating accurate and reliable insights.


Our Power BI specialists worked closely with stakeholders from every department to create custom interactive dashboards built to meet its key requirements. These dashboards became an integral tool for decision-makers, offering them the right insights into the most critical organizational aspects.


We developed detailed dashboards for the client's finance department. Dashboard deployment helped perform expense tracking, budget v. actual comparison, and profitability analyses. These features helped the finance team make data-enabled finance decisions and enhance budget allocation.


We developed real-time, secure sales dashboards to help the client's sales force track fast-evolving market trends, measure product performance, and analyze revenue. Improved sales reporting helped deliver actionable insights, thus empowering the sales team to discover growth opportunities and maximize performance.

Secondary Sales

Our Power BI developers created dashboards that offered the secondary sales department high channel visibility. Additionally, the dashboard facilitated incentive program management and inventory control. Armed with these tools, the secondary sales team gained control over different distribution channels, incentivized partners on the basis of performance data, and maintained optimal inventory levels.


We created scalable and innovative inventory management and monitoring solutions on Power BI. The deployment aimed at helping the client's inventory management department assess inventory levels, analyze supplier performance, and monitor evolving demand trends. Moreover, the monitoring solution helped the inventory team prevent situations leading to overstock and stockout scenarios. Avoiding these situations further helped the client optimize its inventory, cut carrying costs, and improve supply chain visibility.


  • Establishing data connectors to collect data from variegated Excel data sources, field assets, and SAP
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to create interactive dashboards designed to fulfill key department requirements
  • Designing comprehensive training sessions to help the client's employees improve their Power BI usage and embrace data visualization best practices
  • Comprehensively testing the implemented Power BI solutions and refining them based on the client's feedback
  • Planning gradual rollouts of Power BI solutions and ensuring a smooth and quick transition
Business Outcomes
Centralizing datasets helped the client provide real-time insights to optimize processes and improve outcomes. Using Power BI implementation helped the client enhance decision-making, drive profitability, and maximize efficiency. This investment has positioned the client as one of the top industry players and boosted its long-term success in the female hygiene and healthcare market. Here are some of the highlights of the engagement.


  • ENHANCED SALES REPORTING: Created a series of interactive real-time sales dashboards to provide actionable insights into sales performance: market trends, product performance, and revenue
  • SALES PERFORMANCE MAXIMIZATION: Maximized the sales performance to evaluate the team's performance by identifying key areas for improvement

  • CHANNEL VISIBILITY: Gained a complete view of different secondary sales channels, such as retailers and distributors, to monitor sales and distribution
  • INVENTORY CONTROL: Tracked secondary sales and ensured the right products were available at the right moment, thereby increasing inventory level optimization
  • INCENTIVE PROGRAMS: Deployed targeted incentive programs for the client's secondary sales partners based on their performance data

  • PROFITABILITY ANALYSIS: Evaluated profitability in terms of products, customer segments, and regions to discover opportunities for improvement
  • EXPENSE TRACKING: Analyzed and controlled expenses with the help of our dashboards that served up in-depth expense reports and detailed trend analyses
  • BUDGET VS. ACTUALS: Tracked financial performance against different budget strategies as and when required

  • INVENTORY OPTIMIZATION: Deployed just-in-time inventory monitoring and management to evaluate the existing inventory levels, supplier performance, and demand at large
  • STOCKOUTS PREVENTION: Reduced instances of overstock or stockouts by using data to make informed and well-timed procurement decisions
  • SUPPLY CHAIN VISIBILITY: Gained helpful insights into the overall supply chain operations, thereby ensuring timely deliverables
Client's Speak
The team at Flexsin did faultless Power BI implementation, which helped glean real-time insights and streamline operations. This investment has transformed my business. I am satisfied with the outcome.

Gurugram, India
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