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Flexsin Moves Corporate Headquarters To Its Own Building For Strengthening Its Customer Services And Improving Workforce Agility

Aug 21,2012
August 21, 2012 - Noida, Uttar Pradesh: Flexsin announced its corporate global headquarters will move to Noida (Delhi, NCR) for improving client engagement, unlocking new business and growth opportunities and driving digital innovation for enterprises.

Shifting the new headquarters building was backed by three years of careful planning and consideration. Flexsin began the formal review of up to 10 potential locations starting from June 2009. After reviewing different business locations, the company finalized Noida as the location for its future corporate headquarters infrastructure. The shift to Noida is strategic as the region presents the perfect combination for a complete business ecosystem favorable that will manage long-term operational costs, improve the quality of life for employees and put the company closer to important corporate assets.

With the inauguration of the new headquarters infrastructure, the company will include a silo-free space for enabling employees to balance intense focus with high collaboration. At the new location, Flexsin will be prepared to accommodate roughly 500 employees that will give it the opportunity to expand in the coming years. In Noida, Flexsin will occupy nearly 50,000 square feet of technologically advanced infrastructure that will be double the size of the company's existing workspace.

The new headquarters infrastructure will position Flexsin to blend unique customer engagement strategies with its deep digital expertise for improved evaluation of business challenges and optimizing user journeys.

The move to a new and better location is a moment that represents business transformation and dynamic growth for Flexsin and Noida’s region as a whole. The new headquarters is strategically equipped with the latest technologies and advanced business processes for enabling the team to give better support to its clients across the world.

The new corporate headquarters will be a three-story building that will be equipped only by Flexsin for increasing flexibility and scalability. The headquarters building will consist of a unique combination of common workspace, open office areas, conference areas and training facilities.

The inauguration of new headquarters will give support to Flexsin's strategic growth priorities by creating an ecosystem that is driven by collaboration and innovation. Flexin will continue to invest in facilities that improve its long-term success while attracting, acquiring and retaining top talent. The new workspace is not only functional but also designed with care keeping the comfort employees in mind.

The investment initiative in the new headquarters building has positioned the company for long-term success while enabling it to deliver digital transformation for global clients. The new facility will create value and generate sizeable returns for clients and shareholders in the long run.

The new infrastructural space will drive Flexsin's collaboration initiatives around different business aspects. With this new space, Flexsin will be better equipped to drive transformation endeavors and end-to-end enterprise-grade solutions for clients accords different industries.

About Flexsin:
Flexsin has been empowering global clients to reinvent their innovation lifecycle with its cutting-edge technology solutions. The company boasts deep domain expertise, entrepreneurial culture and customer-centricity for enabling businesses to become next-gen enterprises. The company has successfully built lasting relationships with more than 2,500 clients ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies in over 35 countries.

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