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Flexsin Displays Its Leadership In Using Distributed Ledger Technologies At Hyperledger Blockchain Showcase

Jun 10,2020
June 10, 2020 Noida, Uttar Pradesh Flexsin, an end-to-end blockchain development enterprise, participated in Hyperledger Blockchain Showcase. This event is organized periodically to present cross-industry blockchain innovations built using Hyperledger tools and framework. In the event, the company presented its blockchain use cases built on Hyperledger. These use cases have empowered enterprises to redefine their business relationships on the foundations of transparency, trust and collaboration.

Flexsin harnesses Hyperledger to develop and deploy multiple use cases that transform logistics, healthcare, digital identity and a variety of verticals. The company has blockchain experts that have deep expertise in working with Hyperledger Fabric and other framework-exclusive tools for creating blockchain solutions.

The company has pioneered different blockchain-based innovations that are as resilient and unique as a business's challenges, infrastructure and strategic vision. Flexsin has already created comprehensive road maps for integrating a variety of mobile apps with Hyperledger so that enterprises can unlock the next level of mobility and security every day.

Flexsin is focusing on deepening its expertise in using Hyperledger toolsets. As a blockchain technology leader, the company has already begun developing and deploying complex enterprise-grade blockchain solutions and products that drive digital transformation for its clients including Fortune 500 companies and SMEs. The company's global multi-faceted business model helps clients worldwide seamlessly achieve their blockchain ambitions.

The company's team of blockchain specialists has rich experience in harnessing the true capabilities of Hyperledger. Because of its deep category expertise and growing experience, Flexsin has deployed blockchain solutions for digitally transforming business processes and collaboration.

Harnessing large-scale Hyperledger blockchain technology capabilities, Flexsin has delivered the next generation of transparency through its distributed ledger solutions. Other than having deep expertise in leveraging the Hyperledger Fabric, the company has the experience in developing custom blockchains, smart contracts, proof of concepts, DAPPs and blockchain consulting.

About Flexsin: As a technology leader driving blockchain innovation, Flexsin has built and deployed enterprise-class solutions on Hyperledger and other blockchain frameworks. The company serves a variety of clients belonging to different industrial landscapes. Flexsin has used different suites of the Hyperledger framework to deliver products and solutions that transform different verticals. Besides using Hyperledger, Flexsin has domain expertise in working with different blockchain ecosystems such as Ethereum smart contracts, Bitcoin blockchain and MultiChain.
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