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Flexsin Announces Enterprise-Ready Blockchain Solutions For Tangible Business Outcome

Oct 31,2017
October 31, 2019 - Noida, Uttar Pradesh: Flexsin Technologies added blockchain practice to its service portfolio to serve its enterprise customers' needs of building applications on top of blockchain technology using smart contracts. Blockchain adoption is gaining momentum across the industries spanning Fintech, insurance, healthcare, utilities, banking and services sector whose functions are inherently more suited for blockchain solutions,and Flexsin has come up with its innovative blockchain offerings for the businesses in need of modernizing their capabilities.

Being a trusted outsourcing services provider, Flexsin proactively invests in disruptive technologies and blockchain service offerings that reflect on our collaborative approach to technology adoption to yield true customer value.

End-to-end blockchain solutions
Flexsin's blockchain practice comes with a rich set of tools while supporting confidential record keeping for its customers. Our fully managed blockchain services encompass all blockchain components including hyperledger, permissioned and private blockchains, infrastructure, dependencies, operations console, consulting and industry-specific use cases.

Flexsin clients can now capture business value by tailoring strategic blockchain approaches to their market position and addressing regulatory barriers. Our blockchain solutions can be implemented for new operating models, minimizing administrative efforts for transaction reconciliation and driving operational efficiencies.

Blockchain emerging stronger
Blockchain adoption provides for a big push for the organizations whose business processes touch multiple stakeholders and locations with shared workflows cutting across the trust boundaries. Flexsin's fully managed blockchain cloud platform will allow clients to securely extend their business processes and applications with its trustless transactions, simplified administration, easy partner onboarding and built-in identity verification.

Cross-industry blockchain capabilities
We focus on industry-specific applications that can be used in multi-stakeholders enterprise applications with users located in different geographies of the world. Some of our enterprise blockchain solutions use cases include global supply chains, insurance claims disbursal and electronic hospital records (HER) and logistics. Our cross-industry blockchain capabilities allow us to enhance our blockchain capabilities for specific business needs.

Our blockchain solutions with enhanced security, scalability and transparency ensure that the data in the blockchain network is secure and remains immutable to manipulations. Enterprises reimagining some of their key current processes can build on blockchain’s capabilities to gain business value with the resilience of our innovative blockchain solutions.
Smart contracts

Our deep expertise in distributed ledger technology allows our partners to bring new initiatives to the markets faster. With integrated smart contracts that trigger specific actions based on the satisfaction of certain conditions, businesses can ensure that contract terms are never violated and the goods are received as per the agreed conditions.

Some of the key business benefits for clients for our blockchain solutions include:
- Real-time, error-free data, document transmission and sharing
- Protection against data tampering
- Quick retrieval of contract data
- Smart contracts for auto-execution of orders
- Efficient auditing of records

Strategic business value proposition
Our blockchain solutions allow multiple network participants to transact with one-another without having to know or trust each other as each member holds a peer node in the network, providing an immutable, verifiable and transparent record of transactions. Flexsin's enterprise-grade blockchain solutions come with plug-n-play integrations, allowing businesses to save valuable time on handling paperwork and documentation on shipment. Immediate benefit and strategic value for blockchain adoption by businesses would be in cost-reduction, revenue generation, value opportunities and capital relief.
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