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Dreamforce Event 2021: Recaps, Takeaways And Insights

Sep 27,2021
With Salesforce+ - the brand-new streaming platform from Salesforce - rolling out, Dreamforce 2021 was watched by a massive audience worldwide. The three-day event saw Einstein shaking a leg with the popular rock band - Foo Fighters. Besides, the event witnessed the appearances of Hollywood elites such as Jane Fonda and Will Smith.

Aside from glamor and glitz, Dreamforce 2021 was packed with insightful content. This explainer is dedicated to sharing the key takeaways from the event and how Flexsin will help enterprises move forward in the always-evolving Salesforce landscape.

Day 1 Highlights

The first day of the event saw Salesforce's president and COO, Bret Taylor, sharing inspiring client stories of how Salesforce is transforming business outcomes. The story of a global technology leader was shared, describing how it was using Slack to migrate 350,000 personnel from an office setup to a work-from-home setup. Here are some key highlights from the event's first day.

Building Reliable Enterprises

Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce, threw light on the concept of a Trusted Enterprise. This concept showcased the responsibility of an organization toward its employees, customers and the world at large. The idea of a Trusted Enterprise has also gained prominence in a world that is still getting changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Creating Digital Work Ecosystems

Salesforce helps organizations find solutions to problems that arose in the wake of the pandemic. The common challenges included gender inequality, environmental unsustainability and a disoriented workforce. Benioff also mentioned that enterprises would have to embrace digital to overcome these challenges. By acquiring Slack, Salesforce will create a digital work ecosystem that will be the foundation stone of a Trusted Enterprise.

Embracing A Digital Approach To Health

On the first day of Dreamforce 2021, Salesforce introduced a brand-new Health Cloud 2.0. This cloud has been built to strengthen the safety of everyone in the community with Dreampass. It is a feature that brings together game-changing capabilities for streamlining in-person events.

Day 2 Highlights

The second day of the Dreamforce 2021 event began with an insightful talk between Parker Harris - CTO and co-founder of Salesforce - and Soledad O'Brien, a celebrated American broadcaster. The conversation chiefly focused on a bagful of insights that shaped Salesforce's past and is influencing its future every day. Here are some highlights from the second day of the event.

Rethinking B2B Sales In 2021 And Beyond

The business leaders of a global consultancy firm discussed how the B2B sales landscape is transforming at a fast pace. And this speed of business transformation has become faster than ever with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. The leaders even shared how the principles of the visionary industrialist John Patterson are changing the B2B sales landscape today. As the needs of B2B buying are undergoing a sea change, sellers have to respond to the drastically transformed B2B marketplace. The leaders shared their insights into how tech leaders, including CIOs and CTOs, will leverage full-stack Salesforce to empower sales teams and enable buyers to make qualified decisions. They also shared how leaders must deliver Salesforce at speed and scale to deliver compliance and resilience.

Ushering In Next-Gen Connectivity In Health

In a bid to tackle COVID-19 challenges, the SVP of Healthcare and Life Science at Salesforce - LaShonda Anderson-Williams - shared how technology is revolutionizing global health. She mentioned that the world needs a well-connected, robust health care ecosystem. This ecosystem, in turn, is supposed to integrate multiple players, including payers, pharma, providers, public health organization and MedTech. A connected digital health care ecosystem will be engineered to modernize health care delivery. The emphasis of this connected health care ecosystem would personalize health care experience and create accurate and safe treatments.

Empowering Black Women In The Leadership

A good part of the second day of the Dreamforce event this year focused on racial fairness and social justice. To address this context of the discussion, O'Brien welcomed three female Trailblazers black leaders. These three Black women leaders discussed their roads to success while giving key insights into the struggles they faced while breaking the glass ceiling. They even listed the challenges that female Black women still face today while making progress. According to the panelist, Black women have to work ten times harder than others to get respect and earn trust when they are occupying a leadership role. One of the panelists shared the list of expectations that people have from African-American women at work.

Day 3 Highlights

The last day of the Dreamforce 2021 event saw the insights pouring in from industry leaders who are redefining the future of work. This day also saw the attendees learn about a sustainable future and other key things that will accelerate the pace of enterprise growth.

Democratizing Digital Businesses

The third day of the event kicked off with business leaders discussing productive, inclusive, flexible cultures. Partnering with Salesforce, Slack is empowering enterprises to build digital teams that can transition to a work-from-home situation at an incredible speed and scale. This way, businesses maintain a single and solid source of truth. Leaders discussed how Slack is not only helping employees connect with one another but also democratizing the overall organizational architecture.

Building A Sustainable Future

Here are two of the trendiest topics during Dreamforce 2021 - sustainable future and sustainability. To inspire other enterprises, Salesforce has used 100 percent of the renewable energy and achieved net-zero emission throughout its business value chain. Besides, Salesforce also strengthened its Sustainability Cloud to support improved collaboration capabilities with suppliers. This way, Salesforce declared that it is ready to achieve industry-centric climate action plans.

Creating Next-Gen Retail

The leader from Retail at Salesforce, Rob Garf, discussed how people have fast embraced e-commerce in the past year. As customers stand at the core of businesses, retailers will have to speed up digital transformation to meet increasing demands seamlessly. Here is where Salesforce Customer 360 steps in. A trusted tool in the arsenal of every savvy retailer, Salesforce Customer 360 minimizes friction across different channels. That is how retailers are ready to analyze customers. Garf even demoed Slack-First Customer 360 in action on the final day of the event.

How Flexsin Will Use Salesforce To Unleash Enterprise Growth?

Being a Trailblazer at heart, we, at Flexsin, are a Salesforce implementation and consulting partner for many enterprises and SMEs worldwide. We have continually enabled businesses to raise the quality of their customer-engagement initiatives through solutions built using Salesforce. Taking note of the insights and product launches hinted at Dreamforce 2021, we are reconfiguring our Salesforce strategy to help businesses serve their customers better and faster.

Besides empowering big enterprises to use Salesforce, we are even enabling SMEs to harness Salesforce capabilities through our suite of Salesforce QuickStart services. As a viable business, we are determined to help set up, configure, customize, implement, integrate and migrate Salesforce to help foster engagement and build a sustainable future. As a leader in using Salesforce, we are building and deploying Salesforce apps that accelerate business transformation sustainably.
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