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Discovering How Industry X.0 Accelerates Digital Transformation And Drives Value

Aug 14,2020
The emergence and convergence of smart technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, blockchain, and cloud enable smart customizations and make products more connected. This convergence of digitally aligned technologies is known as Industry X.0. This new digital phenomenon is successfully reinventing the way enterprises in different industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and industrial equipment operate.

Industry X.0 is rapidly empowering businesses in different verticals to harness emerging technologies and build growth accelerators that drive value and engagement across multiple digital touchpoints. It is believed that Industry X.0 is functioning at different stages of enterprises for unleashing enormous enterprise-class value.

Industry X.0 Turns Organizations Into Future-Ready Enterprises

Businesses need to face exponential and constant digital disruptions. In these fast-changing times, executives need to answer one question: How can we use the change to not just survive but even thrive? The answer lies in unlocking the real potential of digital. That actually means harnessing data analytics, cloud, AI, blockchain, and experience design to transform the way businesses work, grow, and evolve.

Industry X.0 brings businesses the suite of battle-tested digital road maps with improved solutions and services that make organizations future-ready and intelligent. Once deployed, Industry X.0 can seriously optimize operations and reinvent products, solutions, and ecosystems that make businesses more sustainable and profitable.

With applied intelligence embedded inside an enterprise’s DNA, it digitally and intelligently reimagines its R&D, engineering, production, warehousing, and retailing initiatives from end to end. In a way, Industry X.0 helps enterprises make operations not only safe but even sustainable and profitable. Up next, here is a brief overview of how enterprises can begin implementing Industry X.0 in their value chains.

Bringing Digital To The Core

With Industry X.0, businesses embed digital intelligence into how they work, produce, engage, grow, and sustain. Industry X.0 leverages real-world digital building blocks for overcoming operational roadblocks; delivering high productivity; refining quality; reducing costs, wastes, and risks.

Delivering Maximized Value

The new digital business world built by Industry X.0 reinvents enterprise models and reimagines processes. By doing that, enterprises can create connected products and deliver more holistic service models. Industry X.0 successfully transforms the very fabric of everything from software development to R&D and service operations. Eventually, the result of successfully deploying an Industry X.0 model is faster businesses and shorter time to value.

Building Fresh Digital Capabilities

Businesses that reimagine Industry X.0 is actually applying digital intelligence into their processes, functions, and operating models at scale. Industry X.0 brings the most relevant digital capabilities that enable enterprises to become more resilient and innovative so that they drive value like never before.

Embracing Industry X.0 At Superior Scale, Speed, And Strength

Industry X.0 has already started trickling down to every aspect of a business at an imaginable pace. Before long, this concept will transform how business processes, workforce, and customers deploy and interact with a brand-new digital setup.

These digitally aligned businesses will invent a uniquely connected ecosystem with more scalable operating models and relevant business functions. For remaining relevant, businesses have to find out ways to embrace Industry X.0. That is how enterprises will be ready to conquer digitally transformed landscapes while holistically reinventing how they leverage emerging technologies.

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