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Amplifying Salesforce Capabilities To Help Businesses Quickly Deliver Customer Value

Feb 01,2019
February 01, 2019Noida, Uttar Pradesh: At Flexsin, our intent is to let the enterprise leverage the power of Salesforce for real business value by connecting the customers across sales, marketing and communities for improved deliveries. Building on a solid Salesforce foundation, Flexsin has begun offering its expertise to the businesses to create lightning customer experiences and delivering transformation at scale, allowing them to take advantage of the power of software-as-a-service (SaaS) to achieve innovation and business success.

Revenue creation with Salesforce
Flexsin offers cloud-based Salesforce solutions to power enterprise teams with increased productivity, faster closing of leads and more wins. Our Salesforce solutions help businesses with Einstein Analytics, business intelligence, AI and IoT for transformative customer experiences that create memorable customer moments.

Our full lifecycle approach to Salesforce integration not only considers its deployment, user adoption and organizational health checks but also how the tool integrates with an organization's IT environment, including ERP and user communities. Sales and marketing managers get a 360-degree view of their customers' journeys throughout the sales funnel, allowing them a faster and reliable case resolution, reacting to market changes quickly, and get everything out of Salesforce across the enterprise.

Bringing you closer to customers
With our expertise in all clouds, sales, marketing and service, Flexsin can help in bringing your entire enterprise closer to your customers, thus creating unmatched efficiencies. Enterprises can benefit from our cloud-based performance and flexibility of our Salesforce solutions to create cross-channel customer journeys, drive service productivity, get more leads and guide exceptional social experiences for their valued customers.

Salesforce accelerators

Marketers and salespeople can deliver personalized support across digital channels through messaging and chat. With Flexsin, you get strategic Salesforce evaluation, implementation support and best quality development by the experts. Working together, Flexsin can help grow your account with innovative Salesforce solutions that are customized to your specific business needs.Our Salesforce accelerators allow businesses to increase the efficiency of their customer-facing functions, enabling mobile and social capabilities and increasing sales conversion rates.

Laser-foused on customer data management
Flexsin's well-developed methodology to Salesforce project engagements is laser-focused on customer data management and strategy development.

The complexity of large enterprise technology landscape creates challenges for the businesses to get the most value from their Salesforce investments, and Flexsin is rightly positioned for strategic partnership for Salesforce partner ecosystems for various businesses. Conversational commerce is important for customer-facing industries, and our Salesforce solutions are offer entirely new ways to the businesses to build relationships of value with their customers.

Scalable solutions for business success
Our scalable,customized and enterprise-grade Salesforce solutions are designed to let the businesses get most value the Salesforce has on offer. Our cross-cloud expertise across all Salesforce products allow us to extend our capabilities across the entire digital value chain of an organization. We go on the journey with you and act as an extension to your team.

We provide a full range of services for Salesforce customer success for businesses, including consulting, development, delivery and support. Organizations can quickly utilize the improved functionality and productivity, levarging their Salesforce integration.
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