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Business Needs

Yoji is a sharing application where users can create/send the custom yojis along with the text. Yoji app allows users to take and crop their pictures in oval shape with the in-built capturing feature. In this way, Yoji app facilitates users to have limitless ways to express themselves and personalize their texting experience.

How Yoji Works?
Users can download the application from app store and they can sign up/sign in to the app. After sign in/sign up, users will have the ability to take the picture or upload it from the library. Users will also have the ability to crop the picture and able to share the picture along with the text. Users will also have the ability to create and send custom emojis/stickers while texting with the other users in the app.

Strategy & Solution

Workflow & Functionality:
Regarding the workflow and functionality, as the client required a feature where users are able to crop the images in oval shape. So, one of the biggest challenge we have faced is to crop the image in oval shape. Another challenge while developing this application is to transform the image captured in small resolution so that users can share it in the application without affecting the quality of the image.

Technology and Delivery:
Our Client was looking to develop the application for iPhone and iPad devices. So, we set up a dedicated team of iOS developers to deliver the project within the specific time and budget. The team deployed was well instructed to provide timely reporting by an account manager, project manager, senior designer, iOS developer, a business analyst and a testing analyst.

Client's Feedback

"Flexsin provides a truly amazing service with highly competitive prices and, believe it or not, a r..

Business Outcomes

Solution & Execution:
To overcome the challenge of image cropping functionality, the team has dedicatedly worked a lot and implemented a new feature of photo framework in iOS which provides classes that support building photo editing extensions for the photos app. This new discovered framework has also resolved the issue of transform the images to smaller resolution.

The application we have delivered at the end is a live Yoji sharing/sticker sharing application for iPhone and iPad devices. The application we have developed was as per the clients expectations and we have handled all the issues successfully.

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