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User Tracking App for Logistics Company

Expertise: Location / GPS Tracking App
Verticals: Logistics & Transportation
Technologies: Angular JS MongoDB Swift
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A leading logistics company owns and manages an innovative mobile application for tracking vehicles and other movable assets on scale. Being in business for over 20 years, the client has an inspiring history of meeting the needs of shipping companies. Once deployed, the client's application has unlocked new growth opportunities in the world of commercial transportation.
  • Time Duration 04 Months
  • Team Effort 05 Persons
Business Needs
The client wanted to boost its business and reach a new market of prospects by launching its mobile application. For making this move as smooth as possible, the enterprise had to design an intuitive application that would streamline the existing delivery model. The client had the following needs:

  • Tracking fleet movements in real time
  • Streamlining communication with users
  • Ensuring business-to-business tracking
  • Forwarding shipment addresses from the app
  • Getting detailed user-activity reports
  • Keeping tabs on user milestones via alarms
Strategy & Solution
For meeting these business needs and creating a sophisticated mobile application from scratch, the client brought our team of application developers on board. The team leveraged the right front-end and backend technologies for designing a user-friendly user tracking application.

Our team worked in close collaboration with the client's team for developing a completely scalable application for iOS and Android platforms. The chief goal of our developers was to improve the customer experience, streamline all the processes related to operations, and maximize business productivity.

Front-end Our developers deployed proven front-end technologies for designing a highly intuitive tracking application. Using Swift 4.0 for iOS and Java for Android, the developers designed a robust application. For building the application's web variant, the team leveraged React JavaScript.

  • Created rich visual experience
  • Streamlined user interface
  • Built a fully responsive layout
  • Integrated intuitive navigational features

Backend For designing a strong foundation for the app, the team of developers leveraged MEAN technology stack. This way, our developers created a seamless pathway to synchronize the front-end with the backend. Our developers decided to use MongoDB for designing an expansive application database.

  • Created and deployed powerful application logic
  • Ensured seamless data caching
  • Channelized data sharing among different parties

Development Process The development of this project was done using Agile and Scrum methodologies. By following these development models, our team ensured that the application delivery was accelerated and frequent application releases were managed. By putting application development in the fast track, the time-to-market was also reduced.

  • Collaborated with the client to get an in-depth project review
  • Project deployment was done in the most simplified way
  • Iterations and bug-fixing were done in real time
  • The team successfully ended multiple sprints

Client's Feedback

I'm happy working with Flexsin. I'll consider them for future engagements. ..
Henry Bagramyan
California, USA
Business Outcomes
The engagement had successfully come to a close and the client is satisfied with the application. By maintaining powerful communication channels with the client, we have showcased high-level of work ethics.

After successfully deploying the application for both the platforms, the client is planning to introduce the app for Apple Watch and Google-powered smartwatches. Other big highlights of this engagement are given below.

  • Simplified sign-up/sign-in processes
  • Designed easy-to-use navigational capabilities
  • Accommodated a large selection of transportation services
  • Tracked users in real time with high accuracy
  • Integrated in-application messages between the user and the logistics company
  • Deployed a robust GPS navigational capability for location sharing
  • Improved operational efficiency of logistic companies
  • Reduced consignment delivery time by 30%
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