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Previly is a mobile app that is developed to assist users with your shopping requirements just in real-time. The purpose behind its development is to keep the users informed about their favorite brands and designers in real-time. This is, further, to help users to access accessories already sold at nearest stores and enjoy privileges geo-located.
  • Time Duration 06 Months
  • Team Effort 05 Persons
Business Needs
Client approaches us to build a platform that could tell and fetch all relevant information about one's favourite brands and designers, plus what accessories have recently been sold at the nearest stores to them.

However, the real challenge was to make everything happen in real-time. We put our best team to work and here are the features, the app today consists of:

  • High end content management system
  • Easy and quick user management
  • Comprehensive information of selected brands and designers
  • And all in real time
According to client's and end users' needs, our team took up the development of Previly app covering all possible aspects of searching and reading about upcoming brands or latest designers' sale.

Client asked of us to put another privilege and it is to inform the users about latest accessories sold at their respective nearest places. The users are now able to create their personal profiles and make changes in accordance with their choices and needs. It has been designed in a way that it simplifies one's search for new brands and accessories.

Front-end Today PREVILY is a successful app, catering to the needs of an end user for searching and getting the information on variety of brands, designers and accessories in real-time. Here are the features PREVILY consists of:

  • Easy and quick sign up process
  • Select your favourite apparel or accessory category
  • Find the largest selection of products from your favourite brands and designs
  • Review the product and get current information about its sale and stores

Backend For backend, we server was node that would internally interact with dBs with a series of APIs. Moreover, this would make contact with push APIs for notifications and relevant stuffs.

  • That is a Magento based shopping mobile app
  • It is fully integrated with internal systems
  • And, we also made sure of real-time data tracking

Development Process Our team consisted of 5-7 developers, 2 QA-specialists and a business analysts kept in full cycle virtual shop development, including implementation of the smartphone APIs, app development, development of app's control panel and incorporation layer development.

Our team worked in support with a shared project team that involved our client's internal team. Our team performed regular meetings and standup calls in order to maintain the interaction process, discuss the project progress and potential plans.

  • Deciding the running platforms for the app
  • Outlining an intuitive app design
  • Determining the size of the app
  • Plan a smart and smooth development process
  • Deciding on whether to add in-app wallet or not
  • Implementation, prototyping, testing and deployment

Client's Feedback Flexsin Review and Feedback

Thanks so much for all your work. I appreciate how thorough you were, and how clearly you realized a..
Pierre Grison
Founder at Previly, Paris, France
The success of an online shopping app is determined when the interface is simple with convenient search option. Menu consists of every brand, designer and accessories that an end user might be looking for.

Lastly, to make sure the notification works properly and there is little or no risk for app to crash in future.

  • High performance, smooth navigation
  • Make a search with highest quality images
  • Information is updated 24*7 and in real time
  • Never failing to update real time information on latest sales of accessories
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