Built A Mobile App on iOS And Android To Boost The Cashless Economy Of An African Nation

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Client Overview
The client manages a leading mobile application that streamlines transactions happening across Nigeria. This mobile app empowers users to buy recharge cards, pay utility bills online, and even transfer funds to Nigerian bank accounts at an incredible speed. Moreover, the client has made sure the app even enables its users to register as one of its agents and offers multiple subscription services: PHCN, DSTV, GOTV, STARTIMES, etc. On top of that, the client has ensured that the app is used for transferring money to a Nigerian bank account and even for earning commissions on every transaction. Because of this app, the Nigerian population is stepping into the world of cashless transactions that are defined by convenience and speed.
Business Needs
The client had the vision of offering a mobile application that could strengthen the foundation of a cashless economy for an African nation. However, putting that vision from paper to the real world required more than grit; it required deep domain expertise. And that is what the client lacked. The client did not have the expertise in building a mobile application that would help people embrace an era of cashless transactions. To that end, the client was looking for an engagement partner that could help realize this vision. Some of the key business needs that the client had in mind were actually the features that the client wanted in its mobile app.

  • Loading a recharge card on mobile at the push of a button
  • Seamlessly sending recharge pins to friends and families
  • Enabling payments from any Nigerian bank ATM card
  • Paying bills and transferring funds in no time

Strategy & Solution
After multiple rounds of discussions, the client zeroed in on our mobile app development team. Our team has experienced mobile app developers with in-depth expertise in building applications from the ground up and modernizing them too. Our mobile app developers did a couple of brainstorming sessions with the client's business team to get an idea of what the free mobile recharge app would and would not do. Besides, our team even highlighted the importance of offering a secured environment to the app users who will transfer funds, do recharges, and make other financial decisions. Moreover, our app development team enabled an administrator function within the app to handle agents/user sales management modules. Last but not least, the app was engineered to have referral-code generation and sharing capabilities to let users earn credits.

User Experience
Our front-end team developed an intuitive and efficient user interface for the app. Before designing the app's UI, our team understood the client's expectations of the interface. Besides, we even asked the client about any specific guidelines that our UX team had to follow to create a design that would be in sync with the tonality that the brand followed. Here are some of the highlights of the UI that we prepared for the client's mobile application.

  • Ensured that all app screens were responsive and opened blazingly fast
  • Created dashboards for users and agents where they could track their wallet balance and purchase history
  • Built the processes of buying recharge cards and transferring funds in a way that they did not face any slowdowns

Thanks to our expertise in mobile app development, we delivered a robust architecture that ensured seamless, smooth, and safe transactions of funds. Our foolproof backend architecture brought down the chances of hacking to an all-time low. Here are some of the highlights of the architecture that we built for the client.

  • Created a secure built-in app wallet
  • Made sure that the pace of the transactions was consistently high
  • Protected the app user's datasets - including name, email address, telephone number, and card details - from fraudsters and phishers

Development Process:
We followed an agile development methodology to make sure that the app would go from paper to the leading app marketplaces at an unbelievably short turnaround. As the app was supposed to be designed for iOS and Android, the client brought our Android app developers and iOS app developers on board. Moreover, the team was consistently monitored by a dedicated project manager who ensured that the application went live as per the defined deadline and according to the client's expectations. Here are some of the highlights of the development process that we followed.

  • Analyzed the scope of the project and gathered requirements as per the client's specifications
  • Leveraged the information gathered from analyzing different project requirements
  • Built a robust plan that would use different mobile app development frameworks for both iOS and Android
  • Ensured that any on-the-fly requirements from the client's team were handled promptly
  • Gave post-deployment support to the client after the app was successfully published on Android and Apple app marketplaces

Business Outcomes
Once the app was published on App Store and Google Play, the client received an incredible number of downloads in a short space of time. Moreover, the client was so happy with our team's performance and dedication that it awarded a web development project to us as well. Here are a few top benefits that the client reaped once its mobile app went live.

  • Streamlined the one-click payment process for most Nigerians with smart devices
  • Built and strengthened the foundation of Nigeria's cashless economy
  • Ensured that the funds were transferred between bank accounts securely and swiftly
  • Made sure that the app functioned continuously and did not suffer downtime
Client's Speak
We are delighted with the app development team at Flexsin. The team understood our challenges and helped us kick-start our journey of making Nigeria a cashless economy.
Louis Akporiaye
Founder Fasttopups Ltd., Nigeria
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