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Align Staffing connects schools and students with the right set of talent, as and when needed. The platform has a rich database of subject matter experts and other talented resources that schools can gain access to by simply logging into the application. To get a talented resource, all the school has to do is login into their AlignStaffing account, provide details of their need like the number of teachers needed, date and durations for which they are needed, subjects to be taught, etc. As soon as the information is provided, AlignStaffing will book the right resource for the school and notifications are sent both to school and teacher about their appointment. The service is open to individual students also for home tuitions.
  • Time Duration 04 Months
  • Team Effort 05 Persons
Business Needs
The client approached us with their need to interlink the schools and educators who are in need quality education. The client wanted to run a multi-location recruiting firm that was dedicated to improve the community they served and create a remarkable experience for all. Their earlier work model involved a lot of manual work, paper entries by human executives and follow up with the schools, educators and students on phone calls that used to take up a good chunk of their business time in backend, clerical and non-productive tasks.

The client wanted to transform all this into an online platform wherein most parts of schools and educators interactions such as availability of the educators for the dates and time period needed; booking of appointment, confirmation of the appointment to the parties involved through notifications and emails were automated. The client needed below capabilities in the application:

  • Single platform to connect schools with right educators
  • Automated notification about a confirmed booking of resource
  • Summary of the work order for teachers and schools
  • High standard of life at work and home for staff
  • History of old orders for review by schools, teachers and students
  • Real time movement tracking of teacher from their location to school
Strategy & Solution
We worked on a custom solution for the client to deliver all the functionalities needed by them. AlignStaffing application was provided an elegant and intuitive interface that seamlessly guides the user to the next course of action. To access the solution, the school first needs to sign a contract with the AlignStaffing afterwards of which it will be provided a school contract number. The school can then enter their login credentials into the application anytime and request for the subject matter experts for various classes as per their need.

The educator can be requested as and when needed at least one day in advance. An educator can be booked for five working days at a stretch through one booking, and if the services of the educator are needed further, fresh booking can be made by the school, for a maximum period of five days a time.

Front-end AlignStaffing front-end has different interfaces for the schools, students and educators. The frontend will open as the per category of the user, and each user can login into the application to gain access to the full range of services offered by the AlignStaffing. We made use of the below technologies for frontend:

  • iOS: Written in Swift
  • Android: XML was used for layout while coding was done in Kotlin
  • Android Studio: For accurate programming and better experience
  • Latest Xcode: For native application development with real time location features

Backend Backend was provided robustness to scale up with the growth of the client's business. It was developed to support frontend in an efficient manner and keep all the features available to the application users as and when needed. Our developers particularly worked on the below technologies, aspects and processes for the backend:

  • PHP - CodeIgniter
  • HTML 5 - For responsive Admin Panel Design
  • MySQL: For storing details added by users from app
  • Debugging and testing before the final launch

Development Process The client was regularly updated about various phases of the project development and his inputs, modifications and advice were incorporated into the application in good time. We made use of the latest agile methodology and worked on the development of a custom solution for our client in the education industry that could help them deliver exceptional experience for the users. Our project development process included the below stages:

  • Discovery of the requirement: Preparing solution of raw requirements of the client
  • Prototype of application: Wireframe of application
  • Test Case Preparation
  • Coding and Development
  • Unit Testing
  • Testing by experienced testers
  • Client Review
  • Deployment

The application was finally developed and delivered to the client to their complete satisfaction with simplicity and ease of use that they always wanted.

Client's Feedback

Flexsin team really worked in a commendable manner on the project. These knowledgeable experts were..
Aaron Copeland, CEO
Washington DC, USA
Business Outcomes
The project was successfully delivered to the client that was developed keeping in mind their guiding principles that focused on preserving quality of life, commitment to simplicity and serving as trusted advisors to schools and students. The application divides the schools in five categories viz. Infant, Preschool, Elementary, Middle and High School. Ever since the application has been launched, there has been significant interest in it among the education sector, and the user base is continually increasing.

The final outcomes of the project are summarized below:

  • Enables the seamless management of complete business and keeps record of each request
  • Provides opportunities to various talented resources and educators to work from home
  • Faster order request without any hurdles
  • Connecting schools and educators in quick and easy manner
  • Flexibility of engagement, schools need not keep full time salaried educators
  • Availability of educators on need basis, with short notice and short term engagements
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