Created A Geolocation App That Cut The Time Required To Find A New Money-Dispensing Machine Nearby

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Client Overview
ATM Locator maybe just like millions and billions of apps available on your Android Google Play Store, but it sure is going to sound different as this app helps you locate an ATM near you if you're new to any particular place. Client would need an app that is fast to load and easy to navigate, and our team made sure the result matches the demand.

Business Needs
Client was aiming to help people who feel unsupported in an unknown city while looking for an ATM. This might sound bizarre initially, but when our team was put to work, the goals started to be clearer, meaning more sensible and highly useful.

We were asked of developing an app that works worldwide. The solution was outlined to operate as a standalone. Using the app one can find ATMs near himself.

  • A mobile platform that functions worldwide
  • An app that is highly reliable and robust
  • Instant to find and easy to navigate
  • Fast mapping and easy voice search
Strategy & Solution
Working hand-in-hand with the client's backend and designers, our developers and quality assurance experts were expected of a task with iOS and Android both. We engaged experts who had a systematic understanding of crossplatform needs in working with 3rd party services and systems, assuring the result would work seamlessly on all smartphone platforms.

Deployment of a flexible featured system server offer easy configuration of the applixation's filters and user interface, etc.

Front-end Designed and developed as a SaaS app, the app primarily caters to the requirements of 'everyone', focusing on providing the end user with rich geolocation showing and finding functionality. The module provides multi-layered geo-information perks, including:

  • Mapping the objects - displaying the ATMs
  • Showing information on the chosen objects, i.e. ATMs
  • Easy and smooth map routing
  • Geoblocking feature as it enables users limit transactions to a specific area, protecting them from imposters

Backend ATM Locator started with a comprehensive need analysis to figure out the best possible methods to execute the required attributes. Our specialists leveraged crossplatform software development kit for Android, and iOS.

  • Utilization of Kudan AR as it helps with markerless tracking.
  • Vuforia as it is a comprehensive platform for mapping and searching app development

Development Process Our team was asked to develop an app that never fails, to ensure what our developers pulled off perhaps the smartest and easy-to-implement app development process.

Our highly functional and time-effective development process includes:

  • Conceptualization, which assures the success if done aptly
  • Assessing the feasibility of what is planned or outlined
  • Ensuring intuitive design throughout the process
  • Development of a prototype to see what's done and what's more needed
  • Finally, testing and deploying the product
Business Outcomes
Our developers developed a fully featured app for iOS and Android platforms both within the timespan of 3 months from the project start. The system offers an array of easy geolocation features, for example positioning, geoblocking, geotagging and others.

The custom-made interface feature makes the app a standalone project as it helps adjust the app as per the marketing strategy.

  • ATM Locator is easy free and faster to download
  • Superfast installation on Android and iOS both operating systems
  • As uninstallation is also an important KPI, we made sure it is done uncomplicatedly
  • App is made sure of no potential crash
  • App load time is competitive enough
Client's Speak
"The Flexsin team did an outstanding job building the Social Networking Application for ATM Locator. It was a difficult project as very few companies had worked with the GPS locator programming. Flexsin did amazing job and we were very pleased with the quality of the work, adherence to our timetable and budget, and excellent communications. I would definitely recommend them! "
Manager at ATMLocator, Chille
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