GPS-Enabled Truck Tracking Mobility Solution For A Trucking Company In The US

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Client Overview
A recognized leader in the trucking segment required a fleet coordinating mobility solution to help customers with smart tracking and real-time communication. Serving the trucking community for over two decades in the US, the client offers digital solutions that improve fleet tracking. As a technology partner for the client, we built an iOS and Android mobile applications with real-time driver communication capabilities and GPS tracking that streamlined fleet monitoring.
Business Needs
Client approached us with a requirement for a mobile friendly platform that can help keep track on drivers, their performance; which can perform complete monitoring.

Client wanted the app to be intuitive, user-friendly, pleasant and comfortable in handling. To ensure the results fit in client's and end-users' needs, out team worked hard on user interface through what getting real time and accurate locations can be possible.

  • An app to serve shippers, brokers and other businessmen as a mobile friendly platform which will keep a track on trucks loaded with goods.
  • The app is, as asked of, featured with route maintenance, Google Map Implementation, route tracking, alert sending options, GPS coordinates receptions, route optimization and 3 ways messing system.
  • iDispatch, in a nutshell, will make things easier and streamlined for shippers, brokers and other businessmen belonging in various verticals.
Strategy & Solution
The solution we developed turned out to be perfectly fitting in the client's demands. The app is user-friendly, pleasant, productive and extremely comfortable when it comes to targeting the audience and evaluating user-friendliness. Our developers' team, further, attained the great success in tumbling down the response time by optimizing the source code of the entire application.

Front-end iDispatch is highly efficient driver-tracking app that helps shippers, brokers and other businessmen track their moving loaded trucks in real time. Built on iOS and Android, the app used Swift and Objective C to design a user-friendly front-end.

  • Intuitive application interface
  • Less load time
  • User-friendly application
  • Faster search options

Backend We developed the most robust backend for this application as it had to support end-customer's queries as they take place. Below are the some of the biggest highlights of designing a solid backend for this driver-tracking application.

  • Implemented APIs using CakePHP
  • Leverage a robust database with MySQL
  • Easy compatibility and integration with PHP
  • Leveraged Xcode, an SDK for iOS

Development Process A wise and smart development process is the sign of a professional team and their work. At Flexsin, we take a pride in our highly functional and efficient mobile app development process plan as it includes:

  • Note down the business needs and track the progress
  • Identify what sort of data the app requires to track
  • Put all the configuration details on record
  • Verify if the app meets the business needs
  • Develop a prototype and put it on test
  • Deploy

Although it's pretty much evident that technology is constantly evolving, however some basics should never be avoided or replaced.
Business Outcomes
A good app is defined by how well it's running since the day it went LIVE and how satisfied its end users are with the improvements made over a certain period of time, in-app navigation simplicity and little or no experience of crash while loading.

And, finally, an easy to reach customer support desk.

  • Simplicity for the end users
  • Both Android and iOS must be covered
  • High performance
  • Security
  • Regular updates
  • Personalization options
  • Search
Client's Speak
Flexsin team worked well to deliver our mobile application. They understand the requirements well and deliver the work as expected. Their prices are highly competitive and they are always accommodating to last minute changes. I would recommend them to businesses looking for quality software development at affordable price.
Henry Bagramyan
Owner, iDispatch Inc.,California, USA
Let's collaborate and discover propositions that unlock business opportunities.
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