Developed A Dating Application That Delivered 100% User Retention

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Client Overview
Tindo happens to be one of the easiest and super user-friendly online dating app custom developed by us. Using this app, one can opt for a partner at his or her own will. Users can get started by liking each other's profiles. Tindo claims to be a different dating app of all available on today's market with the promise of high security and customization features.

Business Needs
Client approached us with a requirement for a dating app that is not like an off-the-shelf dating app. Our team was asked of an app that is rich in features and available for free.

Client wanted an app that recognizes and censors vulgar pictures, ability to opt for a preferred font, feature to edit your messages. Apart from these:

  • Geolocation matching which is important to aggregate prospective matches
  • User verification to ascertain someone's identity
  • Matching algorithm-support to power by off matching services that base on the choices on individual survey data
  • Ensuring the user's intention is as everyone else's
Strategy & Solution
Client came to us with a requirement for a unique dating app that is available for free. Our team made him perhaps the best online dating app as it allows users to choose their partner at will, starting by liking each other's profiles initially.

The app we developed is made sure having all the essential features such as easy signup, rejecting requests, user verification, recognizing vulgar pictures, etc. Users can also customize their experience as per their desire such as Like/Reject and Superlike.

Front-end In order to characterize the program interfaces, plus services in relation with the initial users of the app, we considered the followings as our front-end features:

  • iOS: The app's been written Objective-C
  • Android: Java for its easy-to-use feature
  • Objective-C: An improved and thoroughly tested language
  • J2EE: Flexible security model

Backend To ensure that users are able to set their preferences whoever they wish to match with, our developers made the best use of latest and right technologies. Here they go:

  • MySQL: Effective management of the database
  • XCODE: Workspace to keep developers focused
  • CakePHP: CRUD scaffolding

Development Process What differentiates the development of an online dating app is that the developers have to determine the target group as potential users.

Creating an online app means having sufficient data to outline the app specific to that target group. Besides, the data is likely to be your deterrent in developing and delivering an influential message to the prospective users at the time of marketing campaigns.

  • Learn about the target group
  • Make an exhaustive research on client's competitors
  • Developing matching algorithms
  • Address, thus meet end-users' basic requirements
  • Contemplate through feature scopes
Business Outcomes
The success of an online dating app lies in how safe a user's chats and photographs are. Tindo has been created with an assurance of high user data security, plus user-friendliness.

Our developers took every challenge in their stride, re-ensuring success and 100% user retention. Below are the features that make Tindo stand apart:

  • Registration form to be made very short
  • We made sure the loading time is fast
  • Super easy to use and feature rich app
  • Tindo is made available for free on Android as well as iOS app stores
Client's Speak
I believe that the work done by Flexsin can't be done by any other service provider within this bounded time period. Flexsin did a great job that can't be defined in words. The only word that can say now is thank you.
Bruno Iarussi
Owner - Tindo App, Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area, USA
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