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Eyebrows Measure Symmetry App for Permanent Makeup, Fashion and Entertainment Application

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Brow Design is a comprehensive app for those who are in need of measuring the symmetry of their eyebrows, when it comes to permanent makeup. End users of the application would have to download the app and create an account to starting using the app officially and properly. The app consists several steps and the next step would ask end users to upload their picture to set as profile picture, which will then be used for experimentation on your face.

  • Time Duration 03 Months
  • Team Effort 04 Persons
Business Needs
Client approached us with a requirement for a quickly operative mobile app that can help people symmetry their eyebrows especially they are getting permanent makeup. The objective was to develop an app that can make experiments on individual face accurately and help the beautician pull of a perfect job.

Our team was asked of developing an app that can be able to make right decision for makeup and beauty. Moreover, we were asked of an in-app forum where end users can discuss their concerns, plus share their experiences with each other.

  • Easy singup with email ID and creating a new password
  • Get started and check out the forum discussions
  • Create a profile with a crystal clear picture of yours
  • And, allow the app to do the symmetrical analysis accordingly
Strategy & Solution
Client wanted us to build an app that works not just smoothly or properly, but accurately as the objective was to symmetry the eyebrow for those putting on permanent makeup. The need of the hour was to use the latest and right technology for the creation.

For the reason we already have a team of mobile app developers that have exhaustive experience working with all the latest technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Xamarin, PhoneGap, etc. We made our client what exactly she was looking for in the app.

Front-end Brow Design International is designed to work the eyebrows into specific patterns. This app teaches the beautician how to customize a brow pattern based on client's individual natural brow growth and pattern.

  • iOS: Written in Objective-C
  • Android: Written in Java
  • Objective-C: Dynamic run-time and expressive message syntax
  • J2EE: Flexible security model

Backend Developing a makeup learning app is a challenge especially when the app has to work differently, in a personalized way. Our team was put to work as per client needs and wants, which is why, we used technologies such as:

  • XCODE: Improved interface builder
  • React Native: High-performance and platform-specific UI design

Development Process Our team made sure all the evidence is pointing in support of development of the app. It never decided to move negligibly.

With developing hundreds and thousands mobile apps annually, we made sure our client finds the end result highly satisfactory. Followings are our most sorted development phases:

  • Made an exhaustive research on client's target market
  • Wireframing in the most viable manner
  • Assessing all possible technical feasibilities
  • Prototyping: Our team built a prototype to hypothesize the problems and success
  • Designing the app through multiple processes
  • Lastly, developing, testing and deploying

Client's Feedback

Working with Flexsin was a pleasure. They were always polite and on time with communications. They a..
Julia Milin
Founder, Brow Design International, NYC, USA
Business Outcomes
All we focused was ensure the app's not going to fail ever in future. To make an app development project sheer 'success', developers are required to make sure multiple of factors including intuitive design, user-friendly, etc.

Our team made sure the client never comes up with a loading and poor performance complaint, for which we ensured:

  • Great user experience and design
  • Apt app ideas and smoothest execution
  • Mature and accurate monetization strategy
  • Functional marketing strategy
  • Ensuring consistency
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