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Client Overview
The idea behind developing an app like HUM BRINDE for Andoird, iOS and web platforms was to enable users to celebrate their birthday by simply booking venue, and sending gifts (beer) to each other through the App. Users are supposed to create individual account, and then they will be able to send friend request each other. One can also check other's (apart from friends and acquaintance) profiles to see their venues lately check-in.
Business Needs
Client approaches us to design and develop an app like HUM-BRINDE for iOS, Android and web platforms.

The idea behind developing an app like this was to help users to check-in a venue to celebrate their birthday, send across gifts (beer) and also check venues used by others (outside friend's circle) and learn their reviews. With creating a profile on the app, user becomes able to send friend request to each other.

  • An app that makes birthday party venue check-in quick and streamlined
  • An app that helps users send birthday gifts (beer) to another just in a matter of a few taps
  • An app that allows users to learn about popular birthday venues used by others (beyond friend's circle), thus read the reviews
  • An app that enables users to create events
Strategy & Solution
Our team was put to work with latest technology available on the market for the development of the app client asked us of, i.e. HUM-BRINDE App.

We made the app just as it fits client's needs and demands - simple, streamlined, stable, crash-proof and easy-to-navigate. Besides, the App has the simplest 'info-sharing' feature across all popular social media domains such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Front-end The kind of app we were asked of was different from the current league. We were asked to develop an app that helps users check-in birthday venue, or send gift (beer) to friends or colleagues just at their fingertips.

  • Quick and easy sing-up process
  • Pick a venue to check-in from the list of popular venues nearby, or frequently used by strangers
  • Browse for the gift (beer) and buy the gift (beer) in-app and send over your selected person's address
  • Get to know about which venues are in people's favourite list

Backend Our developers have led themselves to technologies that change in every single movement. As we were about to develop an app that is robust and dynamic, here are what technologies our developers usually rely on:

  • C++, this is the versatile tool featured with simple and effective base for compilation
  • JavaScript, as it offers an open source library to manage developers' choice for the specific project
  • HTML5, for it has lately introduced application programming interface (API) and markup

Development Process The development process of each mobile app at our base proceeds through innovative and effective development stages. As we proceed, we make sure each phase fits client's needs and demands.

Contrasting to the popular and standard development process, our team commenced with pre-planning and risk-analysis. The followings are the development stages we chose to keep on through:

  • Research, research and research - Research of the client's target market and competitors
  • Wireframing - Wireframing may sound an easy game, but it takes a lot of one's research-oriented mind
  • Evaluation of technical feasibility
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Deployment
Business Outcomes
Success of an app is considered solid when it runs smooth and never crashed down even after years since the launch. HUM-BRINDE was chosen to be different with its features and functionalities, so success metrics.

The followings are the metrics why we still take pride in our effort and outcome:

  • Faster download
  • Smooth and quick installation
  • One-tap uninstallation
  • Crash-proof
Client's Speak
Excellent professional, very kindly and with great skills. I probably will do more JOBs with him. I highly recommend.
Pedro Penna
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Let's collaborate and discover propositions that unlock business opportunities.
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