Geo-location and Augmented Reality Based Multiplayer Gaming App

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Client Overview
The idea behind developing HunterGo, a bird hunting mobile app, was to offer the society something amusing and entertaining. Once the users log in to the app, they can choose an AVATAR to be, for example, dyeing their hair virtually, changing their attire and wearing different skin color. Once they complete their avatar makeover, they can simply start hunting the birds. This app has developed integrating geo-location and augmented reality technologies.
Business Needs
Client approached us to develop a virtual platform (AR/VR) which more like a game blended with entertainment and amusement. Client's idea was to build a bird hunting app that not only consists of bird hunting, but more.

We made a mobile app where users can get any avatar they like such as changing the outfit, hair color and skin color, and then go on hunting birds. Client wanted it to be a perfect blend of game and amusement, and we delivered the same.

  • An app that is engaging and amusing
  • A gaming app that is featured with augmented reality and geo-location technologies
  • A bird hunting experience that travels through virtual and real life as user goes for searching the birds to hunt
Strategy & Solution
The solution built by Flexsin was a pure mobile application that engages users in games, entertainment and amusements. Its purpose was to enable users, who want to spend their leisure time at work or home doing something virtually creative and superbly engaging.

Intuitive designs and audience engagement/ easy profile creation and user retention - our developers made sure HunterGo serves to each factor like a Pro.

Front-end Our front-end developers implemented the most interactive and attractive visuals to enhance gamers experiences. They implement game functionality with unique design ideas and concept to make the game app engaging for the users. Prime features of the app:-

  • Compatible with android version
  • Use 3D modeling to powering immersive experience
  • 3D rigging for creating animated characters
  • High performance app

Backend This is a huge app development project required various functionality features therefore our team has divided it into different modules. Our aim was to deliver a high performance gaming app with advanced 3D features. We worked on these technologies while developing this app:-

  • Unity a cross-platform game engine
  • Xcode- for refactoring, real-time app testing, faster search
  • Developed flexible external libraries
  • Used fully featured high-level graphics framework
  • Implementation and integration

Development Process Of any kind development process we take, all we target are collaboration-driven app for targeted innovation, high scalability, high performance and advanced user interface. Going off the track has never meant forgetting the basics for us. With the adaptation of new technologies and development process, here is the basic process we never let go:

  • Market research followed by functional ideation
  • Exhaustive discussion and outlining a plan
  • Researching the suitable platforms
  • Designing
  • Development
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Deployment
Business Outcomes
We follow a strict assessment procedure to weigh the success of a mobile app. Our team runs live experiments in order to prove a set of hypothesis as to figure out the right metrics for assessing the success of the mobile app development.

Finally, we set up the systems that turn all the raw data into an easy-to-read report. Here are the key metrics we usually take into consideration as we go evaluate the success of our developed mobile apps:

  • Acquisition: Discovery and downloads
  • User engagement and user retention
  • Quality performance of the App
  • Behaviour of the users such as frequency and usage-time
Client's Speak
We are very happy with the end results delivered for our multiplayer gaming app by the competent and knowledgeable team at Flexsin.
Khaled Ghafar
Founder Ghafar Gaming L.L.C, Orlando, USA
Let's collaborate and discover propositions that unlock business opportunities.
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