Unity-Driven Dirt Bike Racing Game

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About The Game
We have built many mobile games for different marketplaces. However, this time, we prepared a mobile game app to test our skills in Unity game development. Here is where the idea of this dirt bike racing game came into being. The game has the most impressive graphics, immersive sound quality, and all the jazz to elevate the dirt track racing experience. Engineered to put the motocross skills of a player to the test, the game is all about nail-biting chasing, speed, wit, and winning.
Game Features
Every dirt bike racing game should be feature-packed to improve the gaming experience. And this game is no different. Here are a few features that put this motocross racing game ahead of the pack.

  • Having top-of-the-line graphics and a comprehensive environment
  • Integrating high-quality game physics
  • Adding amazing sounds to amp up the overall vibe of the game
Development Process
From the beginning, the game development team was clear about the platforms it would use. It had Unity in mind to power this Android game development project. Besides, our team even chalked out a detailed plan on how the game will be divided into multiple stages; each stage was designed to be more difficult than the previous one. Here are the different steps we followed to develop this project.

  • Divided the project into different deliverables
  • Created a detailed narrative that the game followed
  • Built the Android game on the Unity platform
  • Delivered the game -- including testing its components -- within a space of one month

About The Technology

We accelerated the pace of game development because we used Unity 3D. The gaming engine from Unity comes with multiple features that speed up game production. Below, we are mentioning the key benefits of why Unity 3D was the right choice for building this game.

  • Unlocked the power of an IDE specific to Unity
  • Built graphic-intensive cutscenes easily with the help of built-in components
  • Used the Unity Asset Store to speed up the overall development pace
  • Interacted with the platform seamlessly because of its easy-to-use UI components
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