Unity-Built Jeep Parking Challenge Game

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Technologies: C# 3D Modelling Unity Android Studio
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About The Game
Our game development team made this car parking game to help players get in the driver's seat and experience or revive their passion for parking vehicles. Every driver knows that car parking is a different ball game. And this game enables players to drive different cars, including jeeps, around a parking lot. By doing this, the drivers-cum-players would park different vehicles and jeeps like a boss. The game was built on a simple premise: Let a player park a specific number of vehicles in the fastest possible time. Once players park all the vehicles without bumping into any object in record time, they progress to the next level. And not to mention, every level would be harder and more thrilling than the last one.
Game Features
Having intuitive features makes the gameplay faster, smoother, and better than ever. That is why our game development team focused on using a roster of features that made this game more engaging than ever. Here are some notable features of this game.

  • Added more and more challenging levels throughout the game
  • Used high-quality graphics to make the gameplay more lifelike than ever
  • Offered real-life jeep-control features that made the gameplay more believable than ever
Development Process
The development process started when our team got buy-in from the management to build this game. We always follow a detailed development process that is deeply rooted in the agile methodology. This meant we could implement changes on the fly without hampering deadlines or the quality of the deliverables. Here are the steps we followed to develop this game.

  • Prepared a detailed wireframe of the game, including key deliverables
  • Assigned a specific period to complete developing every deliverable
  • Used the Unity engine to improve production and post-production outcomes
  • Tested the deliverables against different quality benchmarks
  • Finished the project within the allocated time frame of one month

About The Technology

We started using Unity to develop this gaming app for the Android platform. Our development team chose the Unity engine because it had a range of benefits. Some of the key reasons why our game development team went ahead with Unity are as follows.

  • Having an intuitive and comprehensive user interface that is easy to use
  • Including a library of built-in tools that accelerated the development time
  • Supported by a robust online community that simplified the development processes
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