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About The Game
This game epitomizes our development team's vision to build a thrilling skill-based stunt bike game. The result was an Android game that is all set to rise as one of the most impressive stunt bike racing games. From facing challenging levels to winning races to help upgrade the ride, a player has to do a lot of work in this adventurous game. Because of its amazing graphics and HD sound quality, the game has become one of the classiest bike stunt games.
Game Features
The game is designed to provide its players with more power and better controls. Here are some f the most noteworthy features that make this stunt bike racing game ne f the best in the business.

  • Created a free-to-download-and-play game
  • Built a skill-based game to make players a trick master
  • Designed stunning stunt-racing tracks
  • Adjusted the hurdles across the tracks in the game to mimic real-world racing tracks
  • Ensured that gaming controls were smooth, flexible, and easy to master
  • Deployed different gameplay cameras to give players the best angels
  • Integrated HD graphics and immersive sound effects into the gameplay
Development Process
When our mobile game developers pitched the idea to make a stunt racing game to the management, they received a one-month deadline. To kick-start the game development process, our team joined hands with in-house designers and content creators. This association led to finalizing some key details regarding the narrative and scenery the game should have. To speed up the development time, our team went ahead with Unity's gaming engine. Here are some details of the development process we followed to build the game.

  • Prepared a wireframe that listed the key details about the deliverables
  • Allocated a specific completion period to every deliverable
  • Ensured that every deliverable was checked against a host of quality parameters
  • Completed the game development and design within the defined period

About The Technology

Our development team had an inclination to use Unity. And when the team checked the wide array of benefits that this gaming engine brought to the table, it decided to go ahead with Unity only. Here are some of the top-rated benefits that make Unity one of the best gaming engines of all time.

  • The use of in-built tools in the Unity Asset Store makes game design and development fast and flawless.
  • The engine comes with exceptional online support, including a growing library of tutorials that make game development easy.
  • The impressive 3D game development and 2D game development capabilities make Unity the go-to game development engine.
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