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About The Game
The want to become a real lion was understood well by our game developers. That is why our game development team came up with the idea of crafting a striking lion attack simulator game. The game would make a player a real lion that would rule the wild forest. The gamers would use this game as the perfect getaway to live the life of a real lion as it survives the wilderness. As a simulated lion, the players would fight for their pride and battle fierce animals -- hippos, elephants, rhinos, etc. With this game, players would let the lion inside them take charge and evolve.
Game Features
The lion attack game relied heavily on graphics. Besides having impressive graphics, the gameplay had a multitude of features. Here are some of the most noteworthy features that came with this game.

  • Built RPG-style gameplay to make the overall gaming experience compelling
  • Created a narrative-based simulation game where the pride of players evolved
  • Orchestrated lifelike fights with different animals in the jungle
  • Ensured that the gameplay was fast and action-packed in every way
  • Incorporated amazing 3D graphics to make the gameplay believable
  • Included different animal sounds and thematic music
  • Developed a beautifully dynamic jungle world in runtime
Development Process
Building any game for either Android or iOS requires preparing a detailed development roadmap. We did the same thing. Our team created a roadmap for ensuring that the development initiatives were well-documented. Here are some of the key steps we followed to develop this lion attack simulation game for the Android platform.

  • Allocated a one-month period to develop this game from scratch
  • Created a development wireframe to allocate a timeslot for producing game deliverables
  • Crafted detailed narratives to make the gameplay interesting in every way
  • Used our Unity development capabilities to build the game on the Android platform
  • Tested the game assets against a variety of quality parameters

About The Technology

Since we conceived the idea to build a lion attack sim game, we were clear to go with Unity. There was no question about it. What was the reason for that? It was because of so many fascinating benefits this game engine brought to the table. Here are some of the noteworthy Unity 3D features that compelled us to move forward with this gaming engine.

  • Came with an interface that was simple to use for first-time developers
  • Speeded the production time with the help of pre-built assets
  • Used different built-in game properties available in the Unity Asset Store
  • Planned on unlocking the cross-platform compatibility of Unity in the future
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