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About The Game
The sound of the announcer yelling "KO" has always given our team of mobile game developers a real sense of thrill. That is why our development team has been nurturing this idea of building a one-on-one combat mobile game for a long time. Finally, the idea came to fruition with this particular game. We built a game that could deliver out-and-out visceral action. Our game pitted players against AI-controlled opponents, making the gameplay exciting and challenging.
Game Features
The gameplay was the real highlight as it included heavy graphics and immersive sounds. However, just because the game had surreal graphics did not mean it would lag. To make sure everything ran smoothly, we optimized the game to perform well on a range of devices. Here are some of the notable features of this fighting game.

  • Ensured the gameplay remained smooth even during heavy action sequences
  • Built a fighting game with different characters where each one had some unique moves
  • Provided players with the ability to choose from a range of fighting characters
  • Enabled the players to fight at multiple well-detailed maps
  • Added sounds throughout the gameplay to make it closer to reality
Development Process
At the start, our development team discussed the idea of this standalone in-house project with the management. After getting the go-ahead, our team collaborated with in-house content developers and designers to sketch out a storyline for the game. Once the narrative was locked, the team started the real development tasks. Here are the key highlights of the development process we followed.

  • Got a one-month deadline from the management to finish the game
  • Divided the deliverables and gave a timeslot to each one of them
  • Held daily standups to keep tabs on the project development
  • Went ahead with the Unity engine to build the fighting game on Android
  • Tested every deliverable against multiple parameters
  • Finished designing and developing the game within the specified timeframe

About The Technology

From the get-go, our development team focused its energies on Unity. And the team chose to move ahead with this specific gaming engine because of multiple reasons. When we asked our development team about its motivation to use Unity 3D for developing this Android game, here are all sorts of factors we were told.

  • This gaming engine comes with a friendly user interface.
  • Unity even has a dedicated Asset Store where built-in elements can accelerate the development time.
  • The community support of Unity, including its vast library of online tutorials, is quite robust.
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