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About The Game
The market of bull simulation games is not wide. But the novel idea of a bull sim game drove our developers to create one. The gorgeous 3D gameplay is marked by the dazzling rampage that involved a bull, gamers, and non-playable characters. This game was designed to let its gamers lock horns with the bull in a simulated environment. This environment depicted the picturesque streets of Pamplona, Spain. The game was divided into multiple stages, making the gameplay interesting. The gamers of this simulation game had to control the charging bull that trampled everything from the city's stadiums to its streets.
Game Features
The gameplay has a list of features, making the bull sim game intuitive and engaging. Here are the most notable features of this game.

  • Having many action-packed missions that made the gameplay skill-driven
  • Ensuring that the most stunning 3D graphics, including bull animations, were rendered
  • Keeping in mind that the gameplay progressed according to the skills of the gamer
  • Refining the simulated bull fights that made the gameplay impressive
Development Process
At the start, we chalked out the development tasks and allocated a specific slot to each one of them. We estimated the total development time to take almost one month. Initially, we began working on a rough wireframe, including detailing the narrative of the game. Here is a step-by-step approach we followed to create the game from scratch.

  • Created a comprehensive wireframe for the bull sim game
  • Outlined a narrative for the game, including several missions
  • Designed the front-end of the game on the Unity game engine
  • Tested the deliverables against multiple parameters
  • Developed the game from end to end within the allocated time frame

About The Technology

We wanted to develop a bull sim game for the Android platform to test our knowledge. After much research, we decided to go ahead with the Unity engine. And this conscious decision was supported by not only our game developers but also the leadership. The reason? Well, it is because of the fact that Unity comes with a host of benefits. Here are some of the key benefits that Unity 3D brings to the table.

  • Featuring multiple resources -- online community assistance, IDE, free tutorials, instant production assets, etc.
  • Delivering exceptional development features without compromising on the affordability factor
  • Accelerating the pace of 3D design production because of the engine's built-in features
  • Having an intuitive UI that made game development not just easier but even more intuitive and faster
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