A Desert Sniper Game Developed On Unity

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About The Game
Our dedicated game development team was big on the idea of a shooter game. With the popularity of several sniper games in the Android ecosystem, our game developers laid out a plan to build an elite shooter game. In the game, the player would become a sniper who would save hostages. This FPS game would give the gamer the key responsibility of stopping an impending war. The game would let gamers kill the assassins and become the last hope of every victim.
Game Features
As a high-quality FPS game built for the Android platform, the asset had many key features. Some of the most notable features of this game are as follows.

  • Created a realistic environment reminiscent of the American Civil War
  • Included an inventory of modern weapons for providing the best shooting experience
  • Integrated high-res graphics to make every player a realistic gunslinger
  • Added a soundtrack and sound effects that made the gameplay even more realistic
  • Provided the game with offline playable capabilities
  • Ensured that the gameplay could be executed seamlessly even on a low-storage device
Development Process
The initiative to build the game was backed by a well-defined development process. This process was built by experienced project managers, game developers, quality analysts, and marketers. The process we followed to create this sniper game involved the following steps.

  • Created a detailed wireframe that listed all the deliverables and the time required to execute them
  • Brainstormed about the gaming engine to support the game development project
  • Finalized the Unity 3D engine to build the game for the Android marketplace
  • Held daily stand-ups to ensure that the development was right on track
  • Tested the game assets -- graphics, sound effects, etc. -- against different parameters
  • Marketed the in-house property to showcase our capability in Unity development

About The Technology

After discussing different game engines in detail, our game developers zeroed in on Unity. Why? It was because this game engine had an easy-to-use and feature-packed UI. Here are some of the features that made Unity our go-to choice for developing this action-packed 3D sniper game.

  • Accelerated the production time with multiple propitiatory tools and assets
  • Unlocked the full potential of a built-in IDE that supports not just C# but even JavaScript
  • Used the Unity Asset Store to minimize the coding efforts at speed
  • Capitalized on robust community assistance that came with Unity
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