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Disrupt legacy financial landscape with DeFi-powered ecosystems that streamline mission-critical functions - investment, lending, and trading.
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Open-source, supporting border-less transactions, and powered by Ethereum, DeFi empowers enterprises to bring next-gen transparency, safety, and reliability into their fintech and crypto operations. Our expertise in DeFi application development has enabled businesses to introduce high transparency and faultless security.
  • DeFi Token Development

    DeFi Token Development

    Build and run decentralized tokens across blockchain-powered platforms at speed and scale.
  • DeFi Wallet Development

    DeFi Wallet Development

    Empower users to store crypto assets securely with our high-powered, decentralized wallets.
  • DeFi Apps Development

    DeFi Apps Development

    Run DeFi-powered DApps across different P2P networks and eliminate the use of third-parties.
  • DeFi Insurance Development

    DeFi Insurance Development

    Bring digital security to legacy insurance landscapes by leveraging DeFi Insurance ecosystems.
  • DeFi Smart Contract Development

    DeFi Smart Contract Development

    Get unmatched autonomy with DeFi-enabled smart contracts that secure crypto transactions.

DeFi Features

  • Transparency
    Transparency Every transaction carried out on DeFi ecosystems is highly transparent and brings next-gen analytics capabilities.
  • Programmability
    Programmability Use of fully programmable smart contracts automates developing and executing new financial instruments.
  • Platform-agonistic
    Platform-agonistic Ethereum's robust software stack enables DeFi applications to integrate and complement each other seamlessly.
  • Self-custody
    Self-custody Harness Web3 wallet capabilities to interact with a wide array of financial applications and protocols with zero permission.

DeFi Applications

Build new-age DeFi use cases and capitalize on this emerging technology that is all set to disrupt the traditional financial segment and other sectors at a tremendous speed.
  • Organizing Identities

    Organizing Identities

    Get a self-sovereign digital identity that is secure and private and helps trace user data.
  • Managing Assets

    Managing Assets

    DeFi empowers users to buy, transfer, sell, and stake their portfolios of digital assets safely.
  • Developing Infrastructure

    Developing Infrastructure

    Enable users to build, implement, integrate, and compile a variety of blockchain solutions.
  • Powering P2P Transactions

    Powering P2P Transactions

    Minimize risks and elevate interest rates with robust P2P-powered borrowing and lending.
  • Strengthening Fintech

    Strengthening Fintech

    Leverage DeFi ecosystems to strengthen legacy financial products with next-gen fintech solutions.
  • Creating Governance Tokens

    Creating Governance Tokens

    Build fully secure governance tokens that will be more scalable, dependable, and future-ready.
  • Monetizing Gaming

    Monetizing Gaming

    Reimagine the blockchain gaming experience that can be monetized quickly and safely.
  • Building DAOs

    Building DAOs

    Implement a DAO that eliminates the requirements of administrative and centralized entities.
Success Stories
Discover our growing portfolio of digital products and technology solutions that accelerate business transformation for global enterprises and SMBs from different verticals.
Enabled A Technology Major To Build A Network Of Blockchains On Hyperledger Fabric And Reduce The Dev Time By 34 Resource-Hours
The client aimed to empower small businesses to transform into robust online entities. Additionally, the client also aimed to ...
Retail & eCommerce
An E-Commerce Blockchain With Solidity Smart Contracts Helps An Australian Retailer Cut Its Dependence On Third Parties
Business Needs The client envisioned helping small businesses take their business online. Besides, the client even had the aim ...
Finance & Banking
Created A DeFi Application On Binance Smart Chain For A Crypto Investment Company
The client wanted to capitalize on its idea of building a DeFi project that could unlock new streams of passive income. For that ...
Finance & Banking
Implemented A Cryptocurrency Exchange Using Alpaca For A Fintech Business
The client wanted to build an end-to-end cryptocurrency exchange and stock investment platform. This platform was planned to help ...
Retail & eCommerce
Deployed Ethereum Smart Contracts For Enabling An NFT Marketplace To Ensure More Transparent Transactions
To make its unique vision a reality, the client wanted to work with blockchain. To that end, the client had a variety of requirements ...
Finance & Banking
Streamlined Interaction Among Smart Contracts With Web3.js For An Investment Business
Being a digital leader in offering blockchain-based assets, the client was looking to build an end-to-end solution for tokenization. ...
Finance & Banking
E-Commerce Portal And Crypto Exchange Development On Ethereum Improve The Reach Of An Australian Retailer
The e-commerce giants control the market and call a buffet at the expense of small-medium retailers. They charge an exuberant ...
Retail & eCommerce
Deployed A Blockchain And Smart Contracts For Optimizing the Supply Chain For An F&B Leader
Client approached us to help him cut off all unnecessary cost from production to consumption of his product, i.e. coffee. Moreover, ...
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