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Job Description:

Flexsin is on the lookout for adept Perl Developers with a minimum of 5 years of experience in code development, customization, debugging, and API integration.
The ideal candidate should possess a track record of effectively working with U.S.-based clients, including comprehending their requirements and executing development assignments.


  • Fix occasional bugs in the current Perl code.
  • Adjusts the current Perl-based functionality or reports.
  • Expand functionality in some cases where re-writing in Python can't yet be justified.
  • Help interpret flow and business rules from existing Perl modules when we are going to rewrite them in Python (this will help unload my work).
  • Database (SQL) knowledge.
  • CGI scripts (website interactions) that respond to Ajax calls via JavaScript, returning page content, blocks of data, etc.
  • Filling in parts of a web page with dynamic content during page load or when filters, options, etc are selected
  • Save data, configurations, interact with forms, save approvals, etc.
  • BIN scripts (background processes) that run in the background not connected to a UI that either send or receive data to integrations, process data (calculating revenue, commisions, etc.), or generate reports sent via email Generating weekly, monthly, and daily reports
  • Pulling data from practise management software endpoints.
  • Pushing data to our data lake.
  • Acting as a data router between our H.R. systems, finance systems, practise management software, etc.

The Developer needs to be perfectly accurate, have a prominent level of QC, be able to build processes that are fault-tolerant, and build up their knowledge base to understand the whole view of the enterprise data structures and process flows.

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