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Plunging into the cut-throat competition with pull and push digital marketing
admin 19 Jun 2013

These days, a large number of commercial products and services are being influx into the competitive market at a rapid pace but the rate of their survival is ephemeral. In a cut throat competition, brands that get more and effective visibility ensure some recognition whereas brands with poor and unsatisfactory visibility fail to make any mark on the targeted audience. It is without a doubt that digital marketing is a pattern of communicating the value of products and services to target customers who use Internet-connected devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones and game consoles. Hence, forms of digital media such as Internet and mobile render businesses an opportunity to exploit the social networking sites and use them to entice a wide number of customers to specific products and services.  Pull and push digital marketing are the best tools to inform, educate and entertain potential audience.

In a technological world where 77% digital users live with smartphones or tablets and popular search engines serve billions queries per day, pull and push digital marketing let the potential customers know about the existence and utility of commercial brands around them. Both the strategies have their own ways for addressing consumers with online advertising.

Pull digital marketing: In this strategy, consumers seek the marketing content by navigating websites, blogs and streaming media in the form of audio and video. With this strategy allow users go to different websites to find the information of their choice. Here, digital marketing technique called ‘search engine optimization’ can increase business activities on the websites so that correct business information can reach to customers easily.

Push digital marketing: In this strategy, the marketers force Internet users to read business content with display advertising on websites and news blogs. This technique is highly useful for exhibiting marketing content, even if people are not interesting in reading them. This strategy sends marketing content to Internet users in the form of email, Twitter, Facebook, text messaging and web feeds.

To use both of the marketing strategies for fulfilling commercial purposes, there are several activities conducted by various digital marketing companies. These include:

  • SEO services
  • PPC services
  • Reputation management (SERM)
  • Social media optimization
  • Search engine submission
  • Internet marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Web promotion
  • Link building
  • Lead generation

All mentioned above activities of pull and push marketing ensure swift access to audience, immediate brand recognition, easy publicity, negative or positive feedback from targeted readers and the formation of business relations.

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